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12 Tweets That Prove TrueBlue Is The Only Loyalty Program Worth Belonging To

Can you marry a loyalty program?

1. When you make BFFs for life on a flight:

Thx Tavana for being just about the best flight attendant ever! People like you keep us #TrueBlue and loyal to…

2. When those "other guys" don't just don't cut it:

.@jetblue flying one of those "other guys" on an award flight. 🚫wifi 🚫direct tv 🚫snacks. This is torture!!!!!!! #jetblue #mosaic #trueblue

3. Because you're so confident in it you get your coworkers to sign up too:

TFW you not only book work flights on @JetBlue but you get coworkers to sign up for #TrueBlue 🙌💙 #NextTimeWereFlyingMint

4. When your loyalty program goes above and beyond for those in need:

✈️ Classy move @JetBlue. You've long been my favorite airline & this seals the deal. Proud to be a #TrueBlue…

5. When you achieve that precious Mosaic status:

That feeling when you earn #TrueBlue #Mosaic status for another year on @JetBlue

6. When it comes through exactly when you need it most:

Thank you @JetBlue for enabling me to spend the weekend with my family! #TrueBlue

7. When JetBlue is seriously like your second family — a second family full of planes:

They're crushing it. ALWAYS. I cancelled my flight to stay & help my family @JetBlue could not have been more helpf…

8. Because you can donate points to people who really need them:

Really easy to donate any @JetBlue points you have kicking around to AmeriCares for Harvey help through the TrueBlue site (Manage>Donate)

9. Because they know how to earn your loyalty and keep it:

First time flying @JetBlue, what a wonderful experience. Roomier than most domestics, excellent service. Looking…

10. Sometimes just because:

I love @JetBlue ...< just found this tweet in my drafts while waiting for a @JetBlue fight #poignant 💙✈ #TrueBlue #favoriteairline

11. You get all the bells and whistles without crazy bells-and-whistle service fees:

I only fly with @JetBlue . Amazing free wifi on board & very friendly staff & trueblue rewards! The best! Tweeted at 36,005FT above!✈️

12. Because TrueBlue is the gateway to the coolest views:

My view from #JetBlue #TrueBlue You can be anywhere and everywhere but always somewhere with @JetBlue

Discover America's favorite loyalty program, TrueBlue.