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Books I Would Like To See Published

Since about 2006, I had some ideas for people to write books about life, themselves, and what has been going on that almost no one knows about. Sarcastic Suggestions from me.

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  • 1. How to Selfishly Ruin the World the Messiah Saved by Nicole Scherzinger

  • 2. I Shot The Man and He Stared Me Down by Kamil Beale

  • 3. I Wanted the Messiah to Fall by Danielle Burgio

  • 4. Chase Me, Jesus by Denise Richards

  • 5. Jodie Foster Got Away With It, Why Can't I? by Minnie Driver

  • 6. I Am Too Busy For The Messiah by Natalie Portman

  • 7. I Really Don't Care About Jesus by Jenny McCarthy

  • 8. What Did You Think I Would Do? by Christina Aguilera

  • 9. Hey, I Can't Even Run My Own Life by Britney Spears

  • 10. I Can't Get Enough of Babies by Angelina Jolie

  • 11. I Don't Know What I Am Doing by The Roman Catholic Church and Gwen Stefani

  • 12. The World Revolves Around Me by Jennifer Aniston