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Omnipotent China Red Army Rules the World

...everyone know communist country have no problem with homeless - They all have job in red army!

Jesus I. • 8 years ago

Weiner Will Rise Again

Have you been hacked by a wiener? Have you been traumatized by Rep. Weiner's penis? It's all part of the prank. So just go with it. Nothing can keep Weiner down for long.

Jesus I. • 8 years ago

The Ruptured

Pretending something doesn't exist. The Twitter social experiment of the year. Believers in the Rapture possibly amused.

Jesus I. • 8 years ago

In Honor of National Vegetarian Week

What do vegetarians and the Easter Bunny have in common? I don't know either. But the end result is hilarious.

Jesus I. • 8 years ago

Obscure Moments in Pop Culture History I

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle celebrated American poetry with a gathering of poets, musicians, and artists at the White House last Wednesday night. With relatively harmless Caucasian guests like Aimee Mann, Steve Martin, and Kenneth Goldsmith, it’s not hard to see why the invitation of the relatively uncontroversial rapper Common was politicized by critics of Obama's poetry night celebration. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

Jesus I. • 8 years ago

So You Think That You Can Drywall?

Had an idea for a new FOX reality show. Have an idea, add your own!

The Acorn King • 9 years ago