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    16 Gadgets From Amazon Canada You'll Want To Give As Gifts This Year

    Is this the future? Yes, yes it is.

    1. A Rocketbook smart reusable notebook because the future is now. Yeah, that's right, it's a real notebook with real pages that works in tandem with a mobile app. They can just write, snap, erase, repeat!

    A person holding the book in front of a bookshelf and plants

    2. A Canon Ivy wireless photo printer that will never give them printer rage because *drumroll please* it doesn't use ink! It's all in the dye-based crystals embedded inside the paper.

    A person taking stickers out of the photo printer

    3. A magnetic LED cooking timer, which is just about the sleekest kitchen gadget I've ever seen. Just turn the circle, click the button, and walk away. So easy!

    A person holding the timer

    4. A Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mini that reviewers can't seem to get enough of. It's not just for streamers; it's for anybody who wants to boost their productivity by automating repetitive tasks on a Windows or macOS computer. Also, the buttons are allllll kinds of customizable!

    A person pressing a button on the panel

    5. A pen multitool that'll totally make them feel like a secret spy. It's got a pen (duh), ruler, bottle opener, stylus, level, LED flashlight, and screwdriver that doubles as a phone stand?! Like, whaaat?!

    6. A super-slim Logitech Bluetooth keyboard that's perfect for smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. It even comes with a handy stand for keeping those devices upright.

    7. A four-port charging station that'll give their devices a home base. Oh, and, unlike with most charging docks, cables are included.

    8. A 2-in-1 Apple Watch and phone holder for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. The strategically placed cutouts make it easy to weave charging cables through, so they won't have to create a web of cords.

    9. An Anker PowerCore portable charger for mobile devices, because extra juice = peace of mind. I never leave home without mine and can usually get seven full charges from it before recharging the unit.

    Two hands holding a smartphone being charged by a portable charging device via USB cable

    10. An Anker Soundcore 2 portable Bluetooth speaker for 24 hours of waterproof chuuunes *bobs head*. They can also pair two together for even better sound!

    The portable speaker on a dock

    11. An outdoor smart plug for automating their dreamy porch lights. They can use their voice, smartphone, or schedule when their lights turn on and off. Patio party, anyone?

    A plug containing two sockets

    12. An indoor smart plug that can transform anything into a smart thing. They can use it to schedule their lights, turn on a space heater, switch on their coffee maker, and more.

    13. A mini book light for reading, working, or attempting to do either while actually just falling asleep in bed. It's dimmable and has three colour temperatures, which are all easy to switch via a touch panel.

    A flexible mini-lamp shines over an open book

    14. A surge protector that can do it all. It's got five outlets, four USB ports (including USB-C), and a nightlight, which reviewers say emits a soothing, candlelight glow. I feel relaxed already.

    15. A USB laptop lamp for those who need a liiittle extra illumination, but not too much. The focused, glare-free light can be mounted onto their monitor to create a personalized workspace that's non-disruptive to neighbours. Perfect for travel or dimly lit rooms.

    16. And finally, a Blink video doorbell for keeping tabs on Amazon packages (oh, and visitors, duh) from anywhere. It's got a load of features, including HD video, motion alerts, and integration with existing doorbells.

    So many features, so little time!

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