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    17 Amazon Canada Things You'll Definitely Want To Give As Gifts In 2022

    They're total bangers.

    1. An Amazon Basics reversible throw blanket that'll make them feel like they're cuddling up in a cloud *cue angel music*. One side is made of suuuper soft sherpa material and the other is coated in velour (and, as an added bonus, it'll deflect pet hair).

    A throw blanket draped over a couch

    2. A pair of Anker noise-cancelling headphones that I love so much, I have two pairs. The sound quality is as clean, crisp, and as perfectly bassy as the reviews claim. Also, they're sooo comfortable, I often forget I'm wearing them.

    A set of wireless headphones on a table

    3. A pack of reusable silicone magnetic cable ties for managing all that tech spaghetti that'll make a great stocking stuffer or gift add-on. They also work well as fridge magnets and bookmarks!

    A headphone cable gathered by a magnetic tie.

    4. A set of hat-shaped wine stoppers because wine time is all the time during the holidays, right?! Who doesn't love a gift that's practical and cute?

    The hat wine stoppers laid out, one is on a bottle

    5. And an extra-large glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine. They can also get creative with it and use it as a floating candle holder.

    6. A galaxy projector that'll turn their walls and ceilings into starry, Aurora-like skies. Lovers of the great indoors will have a blast creating a natural(-ish) atmosphere at home with the touch of a button.

    A light projector and remote in the foreground with a a bedroom in the background

    7. A Yankee Candle with a name that sounds as good as it smells: Sparkling Cinnamon. It has notes of cloves and — you guessed it — cinnamon, plus a whopping burn time of up to 150 hours.

    The sparkling cinnamon candle surrounded by bowls of spices.

    8. A pair of BBQ gloves that look kinda evil villain-y, but will be a serious upgrade from their cumbersome oven mitts. They're waterproof, flame-resistant, and have a textured grip. No more fumbling with cookie trays!

    9. A microwave popcorn popper with a handle and butter-melting lid that'll will leave them with gourmet homemade popcorn. No more annoying half-popped bags for them!

    The popper filled with popcorn

    10. A moon lamp that is absolutely mesmerizing. They'll be able to choose between two colour tones and set the brightness to their liking, so they can even use it as a night light.

    A moon-shaped lamp sits atop a wooden stand

    11. A Shark cordless vacuum that'll make regular floor maintenance a cinch. No need to plug, unplug, and repeat when moving from room to room.

    A cordless stick vacuum with an LED touchscreen display used on various surfaces

    12. A Kindle Paperwhite is sure to please the digital bookworm on your list. This version's got thin borders, an adjustable warm light, and 10 weeks of battery life. Plus, it's waterproof, so it's ready for the beach, bath, and beyond!

    A person reading on a Kindle Paperwhite

    13. A ramen set that's complete with two large bowls, two wooden spoons, two sets of chopsticks, and two game-changing chopstick rests. A great way to elevate those late-night instant noodle cravings.

    Two bowls full of ramen on a bamboo cutting board

    14. A set of fine-tip gel pens that come in twelve colours and write like a ~dream~. The rainbow of colours are also great for journaling and scrapbooking (y'know, the hobbies they swear they're gonna take up in the new year).

    A pack of multicoloured gel pens

    15. A CouchCoaster drink holder for the sofa because they can't chill if they spill. It can hold a variety of different cups and cans, and even has an open slot for mug handles.

    A couch armrest with a drink holder containing a glass of water

    16. A multi-functional lap desk that can their laptop, tablet, and phone, so they can check their big, medium, and little internets all at once. The dual bolster cushions will also help with prolonged productivity jam sessions.

    A person using the lap desk while sitting on a hardwood floor

    17. And finally, a set of hanging geometric planters to deck the halls with some botanical chic. Perfect for fans of succulents, faux plants, and general fanciness.

    Two planters on a wall

    Give yourself a high five for getting all your holiday shopping done!

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