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    The Cute Girl’s Guide To Rocking Adorable Fashion Jewelry

    Don't miss out on this year's hottest trends. Stay fly for all occasions.

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    Whether it’s big or small, subtle or flashy, understated or bold, real or fake, jewelry accessories have a unique way of announcing themselves. With the right fashion jewelry, you could easily upgrade your appearance from stunning to beautiful. It all depends on how versed you are at picking what’s right for you, and how well you can rock what you’re wearing. Below are a few tips on how best to rock your jewelry to your advantage:

    Own your style

    At the end of the day, jewelry should be a personal thing. While a big, bold, and colorful necklace could be someone’s statement piece, a simple loop earring could do the trick for you. The important thing is to discover what you’re comfortable with and choose the fashion jewelry trends you’d like to follow. That said, you should also be open to experimenting. There’s no way you can expand your jewelry coast if you are averse to all new styles.

    Keep it chic

    Even if you’re the biggest fan of flashy jewelry, you should know when to tone things down. If you have an armful of bangles, perhaps, your earrings and necklaces no longer have to be big and bold. Also, if your clothing is already making a bold statement, you might leave out bold jewelry to create the right blend. Keeping your jewelry within a reasonable budget is another important part of keeping it chic. You do not have to go broke to look good.

    Let your necklace speak for you

    Necklaces are arguably the most prominent fashion jewelry accessories, and we found a few really cute necklace options at Chvker Jewelry. You may choose to go for something subtle or bold or anywhere in between. Below are a few guidelines that could help step up your necklace game:

    •Except you want an outright festive look, a single necklace or a few layers is enough.

    •When wearing a bib or wide choker, you should forgo other fashion jewelry accessories because the choker demands full attention!

    •Short necklaces are best for dresses with high hemlines. If you’re putting on a dress with a long frock, go for a draping necklace.

    •Your necklace should match your style and occasion. Pearl necklaces are suitable for formal occasions while colorful beads are at home on casual days out.

    Your earrings are not invisible

    Because of their relatively small side, many women think earrings have little impact on their outfit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Earrings are in the direct line of vision of the people you are talking to, so you should be conscious of your choice of earrings. Earrings come in various styles and designs but here are three things to keep in mind when putting then on:

    •Small studs are perfect when you want an understated look. Perhaps you already have a bold necklace on.

    •Chandelier earrings command all the attention they can get. While wearing them, you should tone down on other accessories.

    •Drop earrings come in between subtle and bold. They could also add some spice to your color palette.

    The world of fashion jewelry accessories would leave you spoilt for options. Although necklaces and earrings enjoyed special attention in this guide, there are still a variety of accessories that could help up your glam. Rings, bracelets, brooches, and anklets are just some of them. Remember, it’s all about discovering what looks good on you and what you’re comfortable with.