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14 Strange Movie Characters That Are Actually Kind Of Hot

Loving these characters is so wrong, it's right.

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1. Edward Scissorhands -- Edward Scissorhands

20th Century Fox

Edward is gentle and inexperienced, yet he has scissors for hands, so he's also dangerous and unpredictable. He can't help the dangerous part, but it makes him appealing either way.

2. Bane -- The Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. Pictures

We all know how devastatingly handsome Tom Hardy is, but as Bane, there is something even more exciting about him being a damaged bad boy. (He also kills a lot of people, but we'll brush that character flaw aside for now.)

3. Frank-N-Furter -- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

20th Century Fox

There is something irresistibly sexy about Curry in this film. He oozes confidence beyond measure and rocks legs better than most supermodels. He's both alluring and frightening at the same time, and you have no choice but to dig it.

4. Severus Snape -- Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

Potterheads, you'll understand. Snape is broody, moody and complex, but deep down, his love for Lily was one of the realest loves in the series. He may have been a bit of a prick, but his intentions were mostly pure.


5. Jake Sully -- Avatar

20th Century Fox

Sam Worthington as a humanoid Na'vi has the uncanny ability to send pulses sky high. It could be the height (hello, he's, like, ten feet tall), it could be those amber eyes, luscious tail, or simply the fact that he generally pulls off a cat-like demeanor.

6. Hannibal Lecter -- Hannibal Rising


Not the *best* Hannibal, but he's the best looking. OK, he may eat people for pleasure, but we all have our flaws. And besides, he's a CHARACTER, which is the only instance in which such a flaw is forgivable.

7. Mr. Tumnus -- The Chronicles of Narnia

20th Century Fox

James McAvoy could literally dress up as any mythological creature and we'd still find his Scottish charms attractive. Yes, Mr. Tumnus from is a fawn... with hooves... and pointy ears... but he rocks it.

8. The Joker -- The Dark Knight

Warner Bros.

Another villain, executed perfectly by the wonderful Heath Ledger. The Joker is oddly sexy, with the combination of insanity and humor, and all you could ask for in a villain.


9. Captain Hook -- Peter Pan (2003)

Columbia Pictures

We all crushed on Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan, but what about Hook?! The infamous pirate is supposed to be terrifying beyond words, and yet in this version there is something sexy and mysterious behind those piercing blue eyes.

10. Tom Riddle -- Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

A no-brainer when it comes to looks... at least in his early years. He was hot, y'know, before the murdering of innocents turned him into a human snake and all-round not-so-great guy.

11. Jareth the Goblin King -- Labyrinth

Tri-Star Pictures

This list wouldn't be complete without the man who caused sexual awakenings left, right and centre. Jareth's teasing and flirting with Jennifer Connelly's character makes you kind of want to get lost in a Labyrinth yourself.

12. Diego -- Ice Age

20th Century Fox

He may be a pre-historic animated saber tooth tiger from a children's movie, but... he's kinda hot. That deep growling voice, those gleaming white gnashers, that hard persona and mushy heart... dreamy.

13. Norman Stansfield -- Leon: The Professional

Columbia Pictures

Gary Oldman does not get credit for how ludicrously appealing even his most vile characters can be. He may now be considered an old man (SORRY), but he's still got it. Even as the drug addicted villain in this film, he seems strangely attractive, humorous and insane: the perfect combination. You go, Gary.

14. Hans Landa -- Inglorious Basterds

Universal Pictures

Director Quentin Tarantino has the power to make even his most evil, despicable, and inhumane characters mildly attractive. But Tarantino can't take all the credit -- Waltz himself has something to do with it. You want to hate his character, but you are also fascinated by him.

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