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10 Types Of People You Meet In Youth Hostels

You know you're one of them.

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1. The Snorer...

Let's be real, it's usually men.

These people will snore to the point where they actually wake everyone (including themselves) up in the room.

They might apologize for their nasal congestion in the morning but nothing can stop the burning loathing filled inside you after a night of interrupted sleep.

Snorers, you go burn in hell.

2. The Over-Confident Naked Person

There is nothing anyone loves more than having the freedom to walk around doing the no pants dance.


These folk get too comfortable too quickly, subjecting everyone else in the room to sights they'd rather not see after their continental breakfast.


3. The Hopeful "Youth"...

The website said "perfect for 18-30 year old's" but you arrive to discover that you're sharing a bunk bed with Nigel the retired Accountant.

You're never quite sure why a 60 year old man / woman decided to stay at a party youth hostel, but it'd be rude to ask right?

It's always a bit uncomfortable when they're around, so you keep the conversations to a minimum and that works for both of you.

They are the enigmas of the backpacking world, and we will never understand them.

4. The Keen Bean...

Fair enough, encountering a keen been is almost a million times better than somebody who does not wish to socialize at all.

However, these people will literally force their friendship on you before you've even put your bed sheets on.

I've just got off the worst sleeper train of my life mate, forgive me if I don't want to go and play scrabble with you in the games room.

They're often the friendliest most confident people you meet in hostels but you low-key hate their enthusiasm.

5. The Quite One...

The kind of person who has the power to make hosteling an excruciating, painful, tragic experience.

They don't speak or gesture to you as you walk in, they don't even acknowledge your presence. They go about their day without making any noise and pretending that they aren't in a socializing environment.

They are silent and threatening. Unnerving and frankly, rude AF.

6. The Early Riser...

They will wake up no later than 7am and decide that it's a perfect time to re-pack their suitcase or generally touch anything and everything that makes a loud noise.

It is a true skill, a brave one at that, to be able to piss that many people off at such an early hour.

If you think this is you, see you in hell.

7. The Night Owl...

When you're hosteling, everyone loves to party.

Everyone has on more than one occasion stumbled into the room at 5am and tried desperately not to wake everyone up. That's fine, it happens.

Night Owl's don't care. Night Owl's don't give a shit.

They will waltz in at 4am and turn on all the lights, start an argument over the phone with their S/O who is thousands of miles away and they'll do it without caring about the poor sleeping souls around them.

See you in hell, also.

8. The Gloater...

They aren't afraid to tell you (multiple times) about how they single-handedly saved the elephants in India.

Or how they were almost thrown into a Bangkok jail for substance abuse, #BANTER.

They have been EVERYWHERE and they're better than you. Apparently.

9. The Hostel Hermit...

They're in every hostel you go to. The one's who basically live there and will probably never leave.

They treat hostels like a home, and literally have their life set up in a snug corner. They spend their days watching Netflix in bed and doing absolutely nothing else. They also like to talk about the people who have passed through and the things they've seen.

You are so wise, so mysterious, Hostel Hermit.

10. The Competitor...

Hostels can be a war-zone, from fighting for use of the showers to using the one and only washing machine in the building.

These people mean business, and they will most likely punch you in the face if it means getting to wash their knickers first.

It's a competition expressed not through words, but through passive aggressive body language.

But you wouldn't have it any other way. Because hosteling is the best way to experience the world and meet new people.

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