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17 Uses For Cats

They may seem useless at times, but cats really can be quite handy.

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1. Towel Warmer Cat is energy efficient. Simply lay out towels and quietly walk away. Towel Warmer Cat knows what to do.

2. Just tell Chauffeur Cat where you want to go and he will take you there. JK. You go where Chauffeur Cat says you go.

3. Dish Watcher Cat - not to be confused with Dish washer cat. Dish Watcher cat only watches.

4. Bathroom attendant cat will attend to your most essential bathroom needs such as leg warming and staring at you as you do your business.

5. Safety Cat will perch precariously on objects to insure your safety or imminent demise - both are the same to Safety Cat.

6. Seat Saver Cat will save your seat when you get up to refill your drink. However, Seat Saver Cat frequently malfunctions when you return by refusing to move.

7. Book End Cat will keep books, DVD's and CD's in place for the time being.

8. Exterminator Cat will catch the bug - blinds be damned.

9. Carpet Fluffer Cat will fluff your flat carpet with his claws - his compliments to you.

10. Paper Shredder Cat shreds paper - toilet paper, that is.

11. Seamstress Cat will knit you a noose, ahem, I mean sweater. Choose your fabric.

12. Stealth Cat will attack intruders and guests alike. Come closer and he will show you.

13. Hat Cat will make pretty on your head. (Not to be confused with mind control cat.)

14. Organizational Cat will help organize your drawers... by removing everything.

15. Laundry Cat will ride in the basket to and from the laundry room - ensuring that all clothes, clean and dirty alike, will have a generous amount of cat hair on them. Please, no need to thank him. He's only doing his job.

16. Dining Partner Cat will sample food with mouth or foot - his choice.

17. Blogging Cat will blog about cats. In fact, Blogging Cat wrote this blog.

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