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    Which Moral Philosophy Should You Believe In? -The Good Place Edition-

    The most expensive and over-planned one-credit course taught at Notre Dame has prepared you to answer the questions to this mother forkin' awesome quiz.

    Which member of the Soul Squad would you want to share frozen yogurt with?
    • Chidi
    • Janet
    • Jason
    • Tahani
    • Eleanor
    • Michael
    Choose an accessory:
    • Best Person Sash
    • Michael's Undercover Hat
    • Frog Thermos
    • Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey
    What would bring you the least amount of happiness?
    • Waiting 4 hours in line for 10 minutes in the San Diego Comic-Con exhibit
    • Drinking water from Doug Forcett's composting toilet
    • A house filled with clown paintings
    • Rebooting Janet
    Who is your soulmate?
    • Erin Hoffman Harding
    • Meghan Sullivan
    • adult brown dog on grass
      a golden retriever
    • Father Jenkins
    On Mike Schur's dartboard of human nature, which spot would you rather your darts hit?
    Choose a food:
    • orange shrimp lot
      Shrimp Cocktail
    • Chidi's Peep Chili
    • Lonely Gal Margarita Mix (yes, this does count as a food)
    What is your solution to the trolley problem?
    Who is your archenemy?
    • Derek
    • Bad Janet
    • Shawn
    • Trevor
    Who is the most famous person in your contacts?
    If you could do one thing from The Good Place, it would be:
    • Flying
    • Summon unlimited puppies to Janet's void
    • Figure out what the fork this store sells
    • Ask Janet why your teenage crush didn't like you back
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