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Stages Of Being Broke, As Told By Snooki

I don't want no scrubs...but wait, I am a scrub

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Realizing You're Broke / Via

Wait, that can’t really be my bank account balance? Can it?

Denying Your Brokeness / Via

I don’t really know how I'm going to pay next month’s rent, but sure I'll go out!

Realizing You Are Actually, Really,Truly Broke / Via

Okay, I am a grown adult. I will get my life together right now.

Regretting Your Brokeness / Via

But I want to go on a cruise with all my friends * insert crying*

Wallowing In Your Brokeness / Via

*insert crying* I don't deserve this *insert more crying*

Surviving Your Brokeness / Via

You know what, I always loved ramen noodles and water. This isn't so bad...

Gameplanning Your Brokeness / Via

Hello Dave Ramsey. Goodbye bad spending habits!

Recovering From Your Brokeness / Via

I have more than $15 to my name *dance break, dance break*

Being Stingy With Your New Found Financial Security / Via

I will not make the same mistakes I did before. Self-enforced lock down.

Returning To Your Old Habits / Via

I forgot how fun life could be with money.

Realizing You're Broke…Again / Via

Hey I recognize this place! It's called rock bottom.

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