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    Proof That "Sex And The City" And "The Golden Girls" Are The Same Show

    Our favorite New Yorkers retired to the south and we didn't even realize it!

    Have you ever felt like these women...

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    ...grew up to be these women?

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    Well, that's because they basically did! Hear me out.

    Miranda Hobbes as Dorothy Zbornak

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    Dorothy is the most level-headed and responsible of the golden girls. She always knew what she wanted and was never afraid to assert her independence. Miranda is the strong-willed lawyer who was determined to solve her own problems solo. Twins!

    Samantha Jones as Blanche Devereaux

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    Blanche is the lustiest gal of them all who hasn't met a task or a man that was too much for her to overcome. Her stories of sexual escapades opened and shocked the minds of her friends. Samantha Jones is famous for being the promiscuous one of her friend group, who would try anything at least once so these two are definitely the same person.

    Charlotte York as Rose Nylund

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    Rose is the golden girl who had 56 boyfriends before her wedding day, was generally upbeat throughout the entire series, and who, over time in the show, became known as the strong one. Charlotte is the queen of ex-boyfriends and was probably the most innocent, unsuspecting of the bunch. These two are too sweet!!

    And lastly, Carrie Bradshaw as Sophia Petrillo

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    Sophia is the spunky, give'em hell attitude gal who recounts tales of her romantic affairs to her fellow golden girls. Carrie is known for being promiscuous and as a writer, she's not afraid to speak her mind. Both women have a tendency to speak before they think but in the end they're just trying to love the life they're living, which is basically the same life because they're basically the same person.

    Aren't you super glad you finally made the connection?

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