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It's Thirsty Thursday So Here Are 16 Jared Leto GIFs

He might play the joker but he's really a king.

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1. The world has become a bit obsessed with Jared Leto since he took on the iconic role of The Joker in the recent "Suicide Squad" movie.

DC Entertainment Inc / Via

And for good reason, look at this guy.

2. But he's not just a mega-babe as The Joker.

3. Here he is staring into your heart.

4. Here he is stating the obvious.

5. And here he is piercing your soul once more.

6. Here he is in that beautiful blue suit.

7. And here he is being a gentleman. / Via

He's making sure his mom gets pizza first. You don't get more selfless than that.

8. Have I mentioned how sexy his hair is?

Warner Bros. / Via

9. And just look at that smile.

10. Plus, he's a great dancer.

11. Oh and remember a little movie called "Fight Club."

20th Century Fox / Via

12. And who could forget him in "My So-Called Life."

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) / Via

13. Here he is being sexy again.

14. And here he is doing his singer/songwriter thing.

15. Gosh, there is no end to his beauty.

16. Here's one last look from Mr. Leto.

17. JUST KIDDING. This is the last one I swear.

Enjoy Thirsty Thursday!

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