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If Pop Stars Were Disney Women

The pretend women we adore and the women we love in real life combined. BAM.

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Miley Cyrus - Jane Porter &

Jane went from living a proper life in England to swinging from tree to tree in the jungle with a man clothed in loincloth. Miley went from picturesque Disney actress to explicit pop star. Twinsies!

Taylor Swift - Rapunzel &

Taylor will always have that adorable, quirky quality about her no matter how many hit songs she writes. And like Rapunzel she's basically a superhero except she's saving the hopes of people everywhere while Rapunzel is saving Eugene. But it still counts.

Iggy Azalea - Cinderella &

First things first these two gals have the rags to riches storyline mastered. Iggy is very upfront about her humble beginnings. While Cinderella sort of cheated with the whole fairy godmother thing, she and Iggy still had to work for their dream.

Katy Perry - Ariel &

Both of these ladies know what they want and aren't afraid to defy anyone to get it. Also, Katy wrote "California Gurls" and is all about that west coast beach life. Also, they both have bright hair that I'm hella envious of.

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