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Guilty Crushes Girls Will Always Have

"If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me"

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King Brad Pitt / Via

Who says America doesn't have royalty? I wouldn't mind licking stamps so much if his face was on one (Too dirty? Don't pretend you weren't thinking it.)

Elder Matthews Brother / Via

Yea he's a character on a t.v. show and in real life he may or may not suck. But he is the funny guy who will always have a piece of every 90's girls heart.

Bebe Matthews Brother / Via

Cory is that loveable and laughable, innocent guy you can't help but adore. In the modern world of man-whores (*cough cough* and lady-whores) the boy next door is hard to come by.

T-H-E Ethan Craft / Via

Oh, Ethan Craft. He may not have ever said an intelligent thing but he had that hair and that laid back surfer voice. The 13 year old girl inside you can't help but swoon at that flashback face.

Mr. Justin Tiberlake / Via

He's so smooth I had to add a "Mr" to the front of his name. If your life had a soundtrack his vocals would highlight that CD from beginning to end. Plus he can dance and a guy who can dance will never not be sexy.

Prince Leonardo DiCaprio / Via

Brad may be the king but Leonardo is definitely the prince. He played Romeo for goodness sake! His baby face and blonde locks are what dreams are made of.

J-J-J-Johnny Depp / Via

Oh, bad boy Johnny. How you tease! Doesn't get much hotter than a rum loving rebel covered in ink who can cry like an angel. Nope. No it doesn't.

Sodapop aka Rob Lowe / Via

Good ole Rob is the classic hunk. The eyes, the crooked smile, the feathered hair. I think that about sums it up.

And One More / Via

You are welcome.

Also Another Brad (I have no willpower) / Via

Sail away with me honey.

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