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21 Connor Franta GIF's That Sum Up Dating

"So I'm going to put on my imaginary glasses and tie and BOOM, I'm the relationship doctor. Step into my office." Connor Franta

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When You're Stalking Your Crush On Social Media / Via

*scroll* perfect *scroll* beautiful *scroll* holy balls

When You See Your Crush Doing Anything Sexy / Via

Just look at him over there. He is so hot when he breathes.

When You're Trying To Read The Signals / Via

So he either likes me or seriously thinks I'm a train wreck. Not confusing at all.

When You Ask Your Love Interest To DTR / Via

OHEMGEE. He's thinks I'm a freak, he thinks I'm great, he thinks I'm a freak, he thinks I'm great, he thinks I'm a freak, he thinks I'm....

When You Finally Begin The Relationship / Via

HE THINKS I'M GREAT. *happy dance*

When You're Trying To Be Sexy / Via

*Wink, Wink* Hey hottie, I mean hot stuff, I mean, hello Mr. cutie, I mean...hi

When You're In the Honeymoon Stage Of The Relationship / Via

I'm going to think you're perfect for the first 3 months of our relationship and then the real fun begins.

When You Realize You're Having The First Fight / Via

Wait, we're fighting now? Woah, I thought you liked my enchiladas? What does Tom Hiddleston have to do with this? Like, huh?

When You're Venting To Your BF/GF About Everything / Via

Everyone in my life is bothering me and I'm over them all? No, of course not you baby.

When You're Feeling Emotional and Your BF/GF Doesn't Get It / Via

I have a right to my feelings. Connor Franta said so!

When You're Coaching Your BF/GF Before They Meet Your Parents / Via

You know that joke you think is funny? My mother will never talk to you again if you say that. Tuck it away darling. Just tuck it away.

When You're Brainstorming New Couple Activities / Via*5c9b7d7badedc2dfa823fbca595bb16f*tumblr_mifw57aidX1rywetuo1_500.gif*post*1klolmineconnorfrantapersonalfavstrlight.../

I know we want to do something different this weekend babe but don't forget how bad movement is for my health. Netflix and pizza?

When You're Seeking Compliments From BF/GF / Via

You're supposed to make me feel like a freaking unicorn. Tell me how great I am!

When Your BF/GF Starts Acting Suspicious / Via

You think I'm crazy for being suspicious but you are acting suspicious you crazy fool!

When You're Debating A Breakup / Via

I shouldn't...but maybe I should? That fight was the last straw, right? What should I do world? What should I do?

When You Have The Breakup Talk / Via

Hhm, that was easier than I thought it would be.

When You're Questioning Your Breakup Decision / Via

I forgot what it's like to be single. Come back to me *insert sobbing here*

When You Decide To Get Back Into The Dating Game / Via

I am a strong, beautiful person. I can do this.

When You Immediately Regret Dating Again / Via

An innocent date with a supposed nice man? Or a trap to lure me to a death by psycho? *DUN DUN DUN*

When Your Date Goes Better Than Expected / Via

DAMN. I can do this dating thing again. You are exceptional.

When You Realize You Have A New Crush And Begin The Process Over Again / Via

Maybe this time it will be true love. The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun.

Educate yourself people. Connor Franta is a guru for the masses. / Via

Educate yourself people. Connor Franta is a guru for the masses.

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