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    20 Times "Bones" Got Way, Way Too Real

    Warning: may cause tears and a broken heart. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.

    1. When Brennan finds her mother's remains.

    2. When Zak is revealed as Gormogon's assistant.

    3. When Brennan buries Ripley, the dog she never got to have.

    4. When Hodgins realizes he loves Angela.

    5. When Brennan watches the tape her mother left her.

    6. When Brennan rejects Booth after he confesses his love for her.

    7. When Booth and Brennan say goodbye.

    8. When Booth finds out his mom raised a different family after abandoning him.

    9. When Brennan finally confesses her love for Booth, but he's dating Hannah.

    10. When Hannah refuses Booths proposal.

    11. When Booth is kidnapped by the Gravedigger and hallucinates about a military buddy he couldn't save.

    12. When Brennan takes Christine and leaves Booth for three months.

    13. When we watch Wendall's struggle with cancer.

    14. When Arastoo almost dies.

    15. When Booth is forced to turn down Brennan's marriage proposal.

    16. When Mr. Nigel Murray dies.

    17. When Daisy gives birth to her and Lance's baby.

    18. When Arastoo leaves for Iran to be with his dying brother.

    19. When Brennan finds out Booth is gambling again.

    20. And the worst moment of all: When Lance Sweets dies and leaves behind sage advice.