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18 Times Ron Weasley Was Too Adorable For Words

Growing into a manly wizard was filled with some pretty adorable moments for Ron Weasley. Here are just a few times the ginger cutie stole your heart.

When he talked with his mouth full.

When he was legitimately afraid of Fang.

When he double-fisted his dinner.

When his face lit up after seeing his bae.

Anytime he tried a spell.

When he took his angry side out for a walk.

When he was selfless.

When he knew how adorable he was.

When he took a smackin'.

When he took yet another smackin'.

When he was dreaming about L-O-V-E.

When he was naive about life.

Anytime he used his signature lingo.

When he declared his masculinity.

When he was in deep thought.

When he was so obviously jealous.

Anytime he grinned.

When he became a romantic man.

Viva La Ron!