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17 Outfits Jennifer Lawrence Wore That Will Make You Weak

JLaw is the girl next door who has won the hearts of America by being her genuine self. Here are just a few of this babes best looks.

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1. When She Displayed Her Thigh Power

2. When She Made You Green With Envy

Marion Curtis/ Marion Curtis / Via

3. When She Channeled Her Inner Gladiatress

4. When She Wore This Fire Red Beauty

5. When She Was Rocker Chic

6. When She Took B&W From Simple To Stunning

7. When She Was A Babe In Blue||ericavain%5Ecom|wp-content|uploads|2013|05|J%5E-law%5Ejpg/ / Via

8. When She Was Girly and Flirty In White

9. When She Was Classic In Black

10. When She Was White Hot In This Little Number

11. When She Channeled Her Inner Space Goddess

12. When She Teased Us In A Wedding Gown

13. When She Took Teasing To A Whole Different Level

14. When She Dressed Comfortably

15. When She Made A Crop Top Classy

16. When She Brought Glamour Back To Hollywood||static1*celebrityredcarpet*co*uk|articles|3|34|83|@|12279-jennifer-lawrence-wore-lipstick-with-592x0-1*jpg/ / Via

17. When She Played Our Favorite Power Girl

Cheers To You JLaw, Long May You Reign

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