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15 Things Girls With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

Enough with the dumb questions.

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1. "But you'd be so pretty without them..." / Via

So, I'm not pretty with them? Thank you...

2. "You must be a badass."

3. "Were you going through a rebellious stage?" / Via

No, I'm completely normal actually.

4. "Aren't you worried about guys not liking you?"

Comedy Central / Via

5. "You're not going to get more tattoos are you?"

MTV / Via

Eh, I'm not sure but I'll double check with you first.

6. "Your tattoos make you look kind of masculine."

7. "Don't you want to get a real job someday?"

Bravo / Via

Eh, no I like my fake job.

8. "Do you have any tattoos in *hidden* places?"

9. "So you must like bad boys?"

Bravo / Via

Yes, how did you know? *insert eye roll*

10. "Well,I just would never get that done."

ET / Via

11. "Why didn't you get something smaller or more feminine?"

E! / Via

Duh, because you weren't there to give me such valid advice.

12. "Will you cover them up on your wedding day?"

Disney / Via

13. "Aren't you afraid of what your children will think?"

Universal / Via

No, because I'm not raising close-minded children such as yourself.

14. "I don't usually like girls with tattoos, but yours don't look so bad."

15. "Aren't you worried about how they'll look in 20 years?"

Beacon Pictures / Via

I'm worried about your face if you don't stop with all the questions.

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