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13 Female Problems Represented By Duck Dynasty GIF's

Chicks are complicated, but these ducks seem to capture girl problems pretty well.

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When she's explaining her thought process to a man / Via

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

What she considers to be a good time / Via

And then I can wear my sweatpants and drink wine while we twerk it out.

Whe she's explaining her passions in life / Via

The pies of this world need to be eaten and I humbly accept my role in the circle of life.

When she has a broken heart / Via

I'm not being dramatic, you're being a jerk.

When she's trying to be sexy / Via

Hey come over here boy, I mean hot boy, boo boo boy?

When she assures you she's not pissed / Via

Mad? Of course I'm not mad. Really I don't care that your friend from work is hot...

When she's not in the mood to be touched / Via

Could you not? I'm not moody but you're bugging me for absolutely no reason.

When she's spending time with her girlfriends / Via

Girl time is hardly ever productive. Unless catching up on gossip counts?

When she finishes her makeup and looks in the mirror / Via

Others: You look great.

Girl: I look like an elf. I'm starting over.

When she's having that monthly struggle / Via

And nachos. And brownies. And pizza.

When she's in love / Via

The first 90 days - "I love you forever"

Day 91 - "You're mean and you don't understand me. I'm mad about everything."

When it's girls night out / Via

Turn down for what? Nothing, because I'm an awesome woman.

When she realizes her maternal instincts are questionable / Via

Maybe motherhood can wait a few years, like 10 or 15. Yay womanhood.

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