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12 Times You Had A Real Crush On Flynn Rider

The animated bad boy of your dreams.

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1. When He Knew What He Wanted / Via

Confidence is the hottest.

2. When He Was A Little Skeptical Of Rapunzel / Via

Eyebrow raising. The turn on you didn't know you had.

3. When He Smoldered Hearts Everywhere / Via

Don't mind me. I'm just swooning over here.

4. When He Was Upset About His Wanted Posters / Via

He's genuinely unhappy and it's adorable.

5. When He Was Mock Excited

6. When He Got Into A Little Disagreement / Via

He's so feisty.

7. When He Swooned / Via

The look of love folks.

8. When He Stole A Cupcake For His GF / Via

He'll steal you sweets in-between stealing your heart.

9. When He Wanted To Dance With Rapunzel / Via

Nice attempt Eugene. Nice attempt.

10. When He Reached For Her Hand First / Via

At last he saw the light.

11. And When He Looked At Her Like This / Via

Adoration. Pure adoration.

12. When He Didn't Die / Via

Whew, his almost death was intense.

Viva La Eugene

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