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10 Lessons "Maleficent" Taught You

The Disney film "Maleficent" showed us the villains side of a classic fairy-tale. And let's just say she's now the #1 so-called villain in our hearts.

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1. Be yourself. / Via

Maleficent is proud of who she is from the beginning and she refuses to change for anyone.

2. Make sure people respect you. / Via

Perhaps just declaring yourself queen isn't the best route to go, but you should make sure people know you deserve respect. Don't let anyone walk all over you.

3. Don't hide your emotions. / Via

If you're pissed then be pissed. If you're happy because your revenge plot is falling into place then be happy. Pretending you feel guilty for cursing people is dumb.

4. Shove the haters away. / Via

When people try to foil your plans of world domination shut them down and continue to live your life your way.

5. Red lipstick is always a good idea. / Via

Maleficent wore red lipstick from childhood into her adult years. She's like the Taylor Swift of Disney villains and that makes this her best lesson of all.

6. People aren't always what they seem. / Via

Be careful who you decide to trust. No one but you will ever really have your best interests in mind.

7. A dramatic exit is never a bad idea. / Via

When you're in an argument, sometimes it's best to just throw a drink and leave. Words can get complicated and boring.

8. Defend the people that matter to you. / Via

Maleficent created a wall of thorny vines to keep enemies away from her world and she also ends up saving Aurora in the end. Loyalty is basically her middle name.

9. Revenge hardly ever works out. / Via

In the end Maleficent realizes just how wrong her revenge plot was. Luckily, it all worked out for her but her story is a caution to revenge seekers everywhere.

10. Own Your Story. / Via

Maleficent apologizes for her misdeeds, owns her mistakes, and moves on in the end. Her story isn't a fairy-tale but it's hers just the same.

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