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10 Daily Moods You Go Through At Work

*Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, It's off to work we go*

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1. I'm Too Tired For This Sh*t. / Via

Without sleep patience just isn't possible. Sometimes you're just too tired for the obstacles of the day.

2. I'm Too Sober For This Sh*t. / Via

When everyone around you sucks, who's there to take the edge off? Alcohol. And without a drop the world is hard to put up with.

3. I'm Too Fabulous For This Sh*t. / Via

Why am I forced to deal with all these ridiculous people and tasks? I'm so much better than this!

4. I'm Too Smart For This Sh*t. / Via

That meeting was pointless and I'm smarter than my own boss. If I ran this office things would be much better.

5. I'm Too Busy For This Sh*t. / Via

You have too many tasks to get done to worry about co-worker drama and deal with the lazy interns. You are far too busy for the useless.

6. I'm Too Bored For This Sh*t. / Via

Even your Starbucks latte starts tasting a little mundane. You can't help but roll your eyes in stodgy disdain at the yawn inducing workplace that surrounds you.

7. I'm Too Broke For This Sh*t. / Via

All day you contemplate leaving your job as you online shop. Which is only a reminder that you need this job to continue online shopping. Why is life so cruel?

8. I'm Too Old For This Sh*t. / Via

Seriously? Has no one gotten less annoying or more productive over the past decade? You people suck so bad. Damn my maturity.

9. I'm Too Young For This Sh*t. / Via

I'm too young for a midlife crisis right? I can't tell if I'm having a heart attack or just slipping into madness because of my stressful work environment.

10. I'm Officially Off Work! No More Sh*t. / Via

I can finally go home and take a bubble bath with my new scented candles. Then I can watch Netflix for three hours with a large pizza before I get 8 hrs of sleep. Bliss.

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