The 12 Cute Things From Japan That Every Girl Should Own

From Hello Kitty everything to doll clothing-inspired street fashion, everyone knows that Japan is the headquarters for everything kawaii (cute). Here are twelve small things that girls around the world should add to their lives to run with what Japanese girls already know (*^_~*) :

1. Printed Socks

Colorful socks not only look cute, but come in so many options. Why not layer a couple of pairs and wear them with open-toed heels?

2. Teapot

Tea is a ritual in Japan, and people drink a lot of it multiple times a day. A bright enamel teapot makes one fabulous cup of tea and looks just as inviting as what you’re brewing.

3. Bag Accessories

It seems like everyone everywhere has that same old tired Louis Vuitton bag. Add a few fancy accessories, and *poof* it’s like a one-of-a-kind fashion statement!

4. Stickers!

On everything! Put them on your cell phone or notebooks, or accessorize a letter with them to show a friend you’re thinking of them. Super kawaii.

5. Rainbow Pens

In a colorful printed pouch? Bonus. Yes, please.

6. Household Objects Shaped Like Animals

Take the opportunity to take a boring old pillow and turn it into an animal face! Because really, why not?

7. This Iguana

…What? Um, no, this thing is so much more creepy than cute. (O_O;)

8. Super Lucky Cats

These waving little guys will bring nothing but smiles!!!

9. Solar-powered Anything

These toys gently rock back and forth with the sun’s rays thanks to some embedded solar panels. They’ll gently lull you into a sunny mood!

10. Figurines

Take a hint from your favorite “magical girl” anime and use her as the patron saint for your own kawaii missions (>o<)

11. Something Handmade or One-of-a-kind

It’s pretty satisfying knowing that you own something that no one else has, anywhere in the world. If you know who made it, then that makes an even better story!

12. Old Toys

Don’t get rid of your favorite old toys! There’s nothing cuter than your own childhood.

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