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    Dec 1, 2019

    The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

    What is the best thing since sliced bread you ask? Sliced bread in 1 hour or less obviously. Guys, you can literally have fresh bread in your hands in less time that it will take you to get in your car, drive to the store, and bring it home. That’s awesome, right?

    Easy Budget Recipes / Via

    You know what else? I promise it smells better than the store too! Homemade fresh bread smells simply amazing. The smells fills your home and leaves you wanting to make bread every single day. I wish I could do that! Unfortunately, I cannot make bread every day, nor does my schedule allow me to do that, as much as I want it to!

    As a result, I have gone ahead and gathered the Best of the Best 1 Hour Yeast Bread Recipes from the web to help save you some time and get you on your way to smelling fresh bread in your house.

    Check out the recipes below where you will find recipes for breads like dinner rolls, breadsticks, French Bread and more!

    1 Hour French Bread from Easy Budget Recipes

    Easy Budget Recipes / Via

    This French Bread recipe takes just one hour from start to finish. It makes 2 large loaves for just $1.90. Each loaf serves 8 people each and will cost just 12¢ per serving!

    One Hour Cinnamon Rolls from Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats

    Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats / Via

    It’ll take you longer to get in your car and go buy cinnamon rolls than it will take to make these!

    Italian Thin Crust Pizza dough from Key to My Lime

    Key To My Lime / Via

    Easy to prepare dough making your Friday Night Pizza Nights a breeze! This dough has a fluffy, crispy crust with a thin center. Yum!

    Gluten-free Cheesy Breadsticks from Gluten-free Palate

    Gluten-free Palate / Via

    One Hour Baguette from Far From Normal

    Far From Normal / Via

    Are you a carbivore? Yes? You need this recipe in your life for fresh bread deliciousness.

    Homemade French Baguette from Walking on Sunshine

    Walking on Sunshine / Via

    Warm fresh bread with homemade garlic butter will make you never want to buy bread again! This recipe is quick and tastes so amazing, you will not have any leftovers. Luckily it takes an hour to make so you can easily make another loaf!

    Grandma’s Easy Homemade White Bread from Sustain my Cooking Habit

    Sustain my Cooking Habit / Via

    Fresh bread from the oven not only smells amazing but tastes even butter with some butter smothered on it. Make this bread to bring back your own memories of your Grandma or favorite relative’s homemade bread. I know it makes me think of my own Grandma.

    No-Knead Grainy Bread from Your Ultimate Menu

    Ultimate Menu / Via

    Ok this one is actually 1 hour and 15 minutes but it is too good to not include. It is full of nuts, grains, and seeds and does not require kneading. Woot woot!

    Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks from Gluesticks

    Gluesticks / Via

    What’s better than butter and bread? When it is in a breadstick form of course! These make an easy weeknight side dish great for dipping in a yummy sauce or eating plain.

    Homemade Dinner Rolls from Snappy Gourmet

    Snappy Gourmet / Via

    Dinner rolls complete almost any meal right? But who has time to make them! Now you do with this quick and easy roll recipe that adds a delicious Italian Parmesan to it to give a plan roll a slight twist.

    Garlic Naan Bread from Little Earthling

    Little Earthling / Via

    Naan bread is a great bread for seasoned bakers or beginners. It uses yeast but is more like a flat bread that is delicious when paired with hummus.

    Quick and Easy Pizza Dough from Aileen Cooks

    Aileen Cooks / Via

    You can have an impromptu movie night with this quick pizza dough that comes together in 30 minutes!

    Bolo do Caco (Sweet Potato Bread) from The Cookware Geek

    The Cookware Geek / Via

    Try out something different with this traditional bread from Madeira. It is a soft bread typically served with garlic butter.

    Easy Yeast Bread Recipe from Homemade for Elle

    Homemade for Elle / Via

    Take control of the bread you eat and the nutrients you consume with this easy homemade bread recipe.

    Homemade Brioche Burger Bun Recipe from Sweet Tea and Thyme

    Sweet Tea and Thyme / Via

    45 minutes to make these buns that will take any sandwich or burger to the next level!

    Gluten-Free Bread from Mama Knows Gluten Free

    Mama Knows Gluten Free / Via

    This gluten-free bread is also dairy free. It is soft and easy to slice to make a yummy sandwich or eat plain.

    1-Hour Dinner Rolls from Easy Budget Recipes

    Easy Budget Recipes / Via

    This 1 Hour Dinner Rolls recipe makes 30 soft and buttery rolls. This recipe will cost $3.32 to make, that’s just 12¢ per serving!

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