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    Updated on Sep 23, 2019. Posted on Oct 13, 2014

    25 Times Ava Ryan From Vine Embodied Your Soul

    She may only be four-years-young, but Ava just gets us.

    1. Every moment of your whole life.

    No hesitation.

    2. Trying to say hi to someone you kind of know.

    ...and failing.

    3. When you can't even.

    4. How to make a swift exit.

    5. When someone asks you a dumb question.

    ...that you don't know the answer to.

    6. When you sing the wrong lyrics to a song you really love.

    Just play it cool.

    7. When your flirting game is feeling strong.

    Hubba' hubba'

    8. What you're really thinking on your job interview.

    9. When you've had a few too many and your song comes on at the bar.

    10. At the end of a rough week.

    11. Filling your friends in on the beauty regime that keeps you lookin' fresh.

    Losh is a must.

    12. When you have a big weekend coming up.

    13. Every birthday after college.

    14. When your friend keeps complaining that she's single.

    Boyfriend Store: next door to your local CVS.

    15. When you finish binge-watching a new TV show and don't know what to do with yourself .

    16. On a three-day weekend.

    It DOES sound about right.

    17. When Taylor Swift goes through a breakup.

    18. When there's really no other way to say it.

    19. When you decide to own just how single you are.

    20. Sunday morning: Hungover on the couch.

    21. When your significant other embarrasses you in front of your friends.

    22. When you're laying down the rules with your new roommate.

    23. When the waiter/waitress comes to your table.

    24. Running into the last person you want to see.


    25. And lastly, because we're all just half-grownup/half-baby, aren't we?
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