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7 Struggles Of Learning A New Language

That lovely middle ground of kinda understanding what's going on and being lost af

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1. Sometimes you feel extra adventurous and watch a movie in that language... without subtitles. / Via

Immersion is the best way to learn, right?

2. Then stopping after 10 minutes because you have no clue what's going on. / Via

Win some, lose most.

3. Talking with a native speaker and failing miserably because they speak too damn fast. / Via

Please, for the love of things beautiful, take a breath when you speak.

4. Trying to not sound like a 5 year when you speak. / Via

Much, much harder than it sounds.

5. Adding an accent to a word you don’t know and hoping no one notices. / Via

Life is all about finessing.

6. Learning how people ACTUALLY say things / Via

Finally you can blend in with the youths.

7. Eventually things will come together and your biggest pain will be keeping the languages separate from one another.


J'suis très sorry, puedes repeat that para moi?

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