19 Things You Should Never Say To A Budding Writer

Writing is hard. Don’t crush our dreams.

1. 1. “Why are you so worried? Just write.”

If it were that easy, we’d all be billionaires by now.

2. 2. “Writing is easy. Anybody can do it.”

i.imgur.com / Via Imgur

The Furby says it all.

3. 3. “You should start a blog or something.”

20th Century Fox Television / Via tumblr.com

Oh, how original.

4. 4. “Can I read your work?”

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Um, no. It’s not finished yet…

5. 5. “Wait. I don’t get it…”

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Excuse me while I rewrite the entire thing.

6. 6. “I found a spelling mistake.”

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Thank you for pointing out my own incompetence.

7. 7. “You should take a break for a bit.”

NEVER stop the creative juices when they’re flowing.

8. 8. “Poetry is cute, I guess.”

Touchstone Pictures / Via tmc102464.tumblr.com

Poetry isn’t “cute.” It’s the stuff of life, or did you not see Dead Poets Society (or the more-recent Apple commercial)?

9. 9. “You’ll never make money as a writer.”

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Somewhere Jessie J is throwing up her hands in support.

10. 10. “You really should get out more.”

Columbia Pictures / Via ryanseacrest.com

And that’s why fictional characters are always better.

11. 11. “You could be the next J.K. Rowling.”

Well, great. Anything less would be an utter failure now.

12. 12. “I just love everything Stephenie Meyer writes.”

Actually, that would have required more effort.

13. 13. “You get used to the rejection letters.”

When, exactly, do the rejections get easier?

14. 14. “There’s always self-publishing.”

Like those bound books we used to make in kindergarten? Yeah, no thanks.

15. 15. “You need more sleep.”

Nickelodeon / Via tumblr.com

Everyone knows the best writing happens after dark.

16. 16. “You’re too hard on yourself.”

Psh, naw. I’m just a realist.

17. 17. “This is actually pretty good.”

I wanted you to say it’s the best damned thing you’ve ever read. And while you’re at it, maybe it changed your life, too.

18. 18. “I should pay you to write my essays.”

You’ve gotta appreciate the art, man.

19. 19. And worst of all: “I hate writing.”

Paramount Pictures / Via imgur.com

OK, bye. This isn’t going anywhere.

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