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    • jessiel5

      First of all,Iwould like to say thatItry to tip 15% to 20%, so please don’t harass me because of my future statements.Irealize your wage sucks. However, there isareason that you stay in the business you are in. You are not forced to be in it. When giving you my well earned money,Ifeel there isastandard thatIdeserve, to give you what you deserve in return.Iwork in customer service soIrealize that some people suck. But asacustomer, whenIorderawater becauseIgenuinely want water or don’t want to pay $3.50 forafountain drink (which is actually only about5centsafill—alsoareason why most establishments give their employees free fountain),Idon’t feelIdeserve to be put onaside burner. You just madeajudgement of me thatIwon’t tip well, making you fulfillaself-fulfilling prophecy. You getatip on the service provide. If the customer sees you only for their order, dropping off their food, and the bill— you don’t deserve the full tip. That is bad customer service.Ialso find that those people are the people bitching about their wages. You reap what you sew.Iunderstand some nights are busier than others, so it is difficult. HOWEVER, if you work at the Cheesecake factory or Olive Garden orasimilar establishment which is always busy, you should conform toabetter service standard. Which brings me to the fact that if you work at one of those places and are still getting minimum wage for waiters, maybe you should argue for better pay, because their jacked up prices for their plates should funnel into your checkabit. That money goes somewhere, maybe it isn’t always the customers fault, maybe its the industry you work in. Justathought. Please stop poor ole’ pitiful me-ing this situation. LikeIstated earlier, you chose the industry, so there must be something in it for you.

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