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    31 Genius Products New Parents Swear By

    Guys, any baby that claims to be low-maintenance is lying to you.

    1. A jam-packed activity mat that's the equivalent of HBO's Sunday night lineup for babies.

    2. A multi-functional nursing pillow with a very hip(po) animal print.

    3. A multi-pocketed diaper backpack that Mary Poppins would covet.

    4. Or a convertible tote/backpack with cute stripes and TONS of pockets.

    5. Stove-knob covers that will baby-proof your in-home fire factory (which is what I call a stove).

    6. A space-saving high chair that easily straps to your low chairs, and works for toddlers as well as infants.

    7. A simple onesie you'll want to buy by the crate.

    8. An interactive toy that will keep babies wildly entertained while helping them walk.

    9. A baby beanbag chair for the coziest portable naps.

    10. A sturdy play-yard that gives kiddos room to roam.

    11. Oreo-shaped teethers that will soothe your little cookie monster's sore and itchy gums.

    12. A video monitor with night vision and walkie-talkie functions (so you can start your baby's spy training early).

    13. A car seat cover that will help protect kids from blistering car seat buckles even as plastic mailboxes are melting all around us.

    14. Light, super-soft blankets for all-season swaddling.

    15. A Diaper Genie that will grant all your wishes (if your wishes are all related to diaper disposal).

    16. A highly distracting giraffe friend that straps onto a car seat.

    17. A handy kit full of remedies for a bevy of minor infant ailments.

    18. A 4-in-1 convertible carrier for ultimate baby versatility.

    19. A cuddly sleep sack for a non-constricted baby burrito.

    20. A 21-piece kit with all kinds of bébé grooming and healthcare essentials in one carrier.

    21. A brilliant sleeping chair that will rock your baby when they're sleeping and fold up inconspicuously when they're not.

    22. A genius bottle set for newborns that helps stave off gas and colic.

    23. A cozy, soothing rocking chair-and-ottoman combo.

    24. A travel-friendly playpen that doubles as a changing table and moonlights as a bassinet.

    25. A bottle sterilizer that zaps germs in the microwave.

    26. A bathtub that facilitates scream-free bath time.

    27. A bottle topper that transforms disposable water bottles into sippy cups.

    28. A super-suctioned placemat-and-plate combo that cuts down on mealtime messes.

    29. A(n affordable) plethora of tiny baby-sized washcloths.

    30. A diaper cream applicator that puts diaper cream on your baby's butt, not under your fingernails.

    31. And last, but not least, diapers by the (huge) boxful.

    You got this, baby!