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24 Tips That Will Make Dorm Living Much Easier

Going barefoot in the shower is gross, and other hot takes.

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1. Your dorm mattress is not your destiny. Be a self-determined sleeper with a comfortable mattress topper.,

Fun fact: dorm mattresses are usually full of sawdust and shredded psychology textbooks.

Get these mattress toppers at Walmart: $62.99 for a twin memory foam pad, $24.88 for a twin egg crate pad, and $49.99 for a twin down-alternative topper.


3. The shower floor is lava. Protect yourself with a pair of good shower shoes.

Fungi are ubiquitous in dorm bathrooms. These rubber Birkenstocks will keep your feet pristine, and they're cute enough that you can wear them outdoors. And in the dorm common areas. Which are also lava.

Get them in multiple colors on Amazon from $24.90.

4. While we're on the subject of feet, invest in rain boots.,

This isn't strictly a dorm recommendation, but trust me: you're going to be walking outside a lot more than you're used to. It's going to rain. Your other shoes will thank you.

Get these boots at Nordstrom: $64.95 for the women's boots (multiple colors) and $64.95 for the men's.

6. If you want to keep valuables secure without being to ostentatious about it, a small safe is a good option.

It's not that you don't trust your roommate, it's that you don't trust anyone!

Get it on Amazon in multiple colors for $39.


7. Discover the cave of forgotten storage space under your bed with a set of bed risers are a must.

And as if providing added storage weren't enough, this set also comes with built-in outlets and USB ports.

Get a set at Walmart for $13.14.

8. Keep your under-bed area organized with storage bins.

9. For more small-space storage solutions, take advantage of over-the-door baskets and hooks.,,

Life hack: hang up your wet towels.

Get these over-the-door hangers at Walmart: $9.84 for the basket, $21.22 for the hanging towel bar, and $14.44 for the hanging hooks.

10. Or create more shelf space easily with an over-the-bed shelving unit.,

These shelves hug a twin bed, so they require almost no extra floor space.

Get them at Walmart: $59.99 for the single shelf, $79.89 for the double.


11. Washi tape is the lazy dorm decorator's best friend. / Via,

Washi tape comes in all kinds of pretty patterns and it doesn't leave a residue behind. Use it for hanging posters, adding color to dull furnishings, or labeling your stuff (it's more subtle than writing your name on everything). Get more ideas here.

Get an assorted box of 45 rolls at Michael's for $24.99.


15. Get one or two small kitchen appliances, and get creative with dorm room cooking.,,,

You don't need a ton of equipment to cook up dorm room feasts. A programmable slow-cooker is incredibly versatile (take a look at this deliciousness). You can also whip up one-pot meals in a rice cooker (exhibit A). A personal blender will help you gulp down your fruits and veggies. And of course, don't discount the trusty microwave.

Get these cooking tools from Walmart: $24.94 for a slow cooker, $14.90 for the rice cooker, $47.30 for the Ninja Fit blender, and $49 for the microwave (multiple colors).

16. A fan will keep you cool no matter what your dorm's AC situation (and can do double duty as a white noise machine).

17. Keep your friends close and your hard drive closer.,

Sure, some professors will accept "my Macbook ate my term paper" as an excuse for lateness, but I wouldn't count on it. Get an external hard drive and back up your shit. This one is nice and slim, and has 1TB of storage space.

Get it at Walmart for $59.99.

18. Condoms: buy them, use them, gift them, craft with them.

Go for the value pack. Even if you don't plan on using them, you can become the patron saint of safe sex and earn the eternal gratitude of your whole dorm.

Get it for $13.97 at Walmart.


19. Get a few basic cleaning supplies so you can keep your dorm room fresh and clean (even when you're lazy af).,,,

Give off the appearance and odor of cleanliness with a winning combination of Puracy multi-surface cleaner, Clorox wipes, Febreze fabric spray, and a Swiffer.

Get these cleaning supplies at Walmart: $19.99 for a 16-ounce bottle of Puracy cleaner, $12.47 for a four-pack of Clorox wipes, $4.94 for a 27-ounce bottle of Febreze, and $11.97 for a Swiffer starter kit.

21. Just in case your bed-desk also turns into a bed-kitchen, you'll want a handheld vacuum to deal with those crumbs.

22. A first aid kit, so you can treat the inevitable cuts, scrapes, and hangovers in the comfort of your own dorm.

This one includes medicine, antiseptics, and bandages, among other first aid essentials. College! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Get it on Amazon for $14.94.


23. You're going to be living with germy strangers and eating like Templeton in the fair scene of Charlotte's Web. The least you can do for your body is take a gummy multivitamin every day.

Seriously. I know someone who got scurvy in college. Take your vitamins.

Get them at Walmart for $11.96.

24. Get a flu shot.

Littlebee80 / Getty Images

Because even vitamins can't protect you from the shock to your immune system that is communal living.

Check to see if your campus health service offers flu shots. You can also get them for around $30 at many pharmacies.