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    14 Thoughtful Things To Bring Someone In The Hospital

    Practical, inexpensive, non-floral.

    When a loved one is in the hospital, you naturally want to help in any way you can.

    1. A plush blanket, so they won't be at the mercy of hospital linens.

    2. A remote-controlled helicopter, which I guarantee will enchant and distract patients of all ages.

    3. A scalp massager that looks vaguely like a torture device but feels like a sweet embrace.

    4. Fuzzy socks, because now is the time to prioritize coziness.

    5. A coloring book, valuable both for its meditative properties and its badass animal pictures.

    6. A soft sleep mask and plenty of ear plugs to help them shut out the lights and sounds and get some much-needed rest.

    7. A really long phone charger, so they won't have to contort themselves to get at that sweet juice.

    8. Luxurious hand cream, because hospitals are dry AF.

    9. Cushy slippers that will add an element of hygge to hall jaunts.

    10. Instant coffee that tastes slow-brewed.

    11. A super-silly game to ease boredom and encourage laughter.

    12. Books—whatever you think they'll find delightful and fascinating.

    13. Home-cooked food, because they're probably going to get sick of both the cafeteria and anything you can find in a vending machine.

    14. Movie, TV, and podcast recommendations (and a means to watch/listen to them if necessary) are the gift that keeps on giving.

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