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    This $9 Incense Kit Will Make Your Home Smell Cozy AF

    Cozy for your nosey.

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    I'm a homebody who's terrible at nesting.

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    I want my space to be cozy and inviting and cute and fragrant, but I don't really have a talent for finding and procuring the things that would make that happen.

    Lucky for me, I have a delightful roommate who could give the golden-headed cisticola a run for its money, nesting-wise. (This bird makes nests by stitching spiderwebs together, which is like ????!!!, but I digress.)

    She's also the one who introduced me to Incense of the West.

    I came home one day and our apartment smelled like a cabin in the mountains, warmed by a wood-burning stove. I KNOW, that's a very woo-woo way to describe a scent, but I can think of no other way. It's like a campfire, but less clingy.

    I often find incense too heavy or cloying, but this all-natural pinion wood incense is more atmospheric than overpowering. It's the coziest smell in the world, like a pocket-sized fireplace.

    (Also, when our third roommate moved out and I took over his room, which smelled perplexingly like dirty hockey pads — perplexingly because he did not, to my knowledge, play hockey — Incense of the West effectively masked the stench.)

    Perhaps you're wondering what Amazon reviewers have to say about all this? I'm hurt that you don't trust me, but okay.

    Promising review: "Pretty sure this is the best incense in the world. I feel instantly transported to a mountaintop with a little fire in the fireplace when I burn it. I'm sensitive to a lot of fragrances and even all-natural incenses, but these have never bothered me, nor have their other scents (from other trees). They are, simply, amazing, and the most natural incense I've ever smelled. Love!" —Lauren L LaRocca

    Promising review: "My favorite incense. My mom has been burning this since I was a kid (I'm 60+) and I never get tired of it. We turn on the fireplace DVD, light one of these, and put on some blues. Great evening. Life is good." —gaylemichel

    But obviously I'm burying the lede here: The burner is shaped like a TINY LOG CABIN.

    DecTraces / YouTube / Via

    You put the little stick of incense inside the cabin, and the smoke comes out of the two tiny chimneys.

    In my experience, home fragrances fit into one of two categories: 1) ugly packaging, but affordable, or 2) beautiful packaging, but you want me to pay HOW MUCH for a candle???

    This little cabin, on the other hand, is adorable but not overly twee, and makes for an excellent home accent, even when you're not using it to make your house smell like an autumn night in the mountains.

    Get the cabin burner and a box of 20 incense bricks from Urban Outfitters for $9. Get a box of 40 additional bricks from Amazon or Jet for $7.50.

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