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17 Products That Will Make You Hate Meal Prepping Less

Do it for Future You.

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Meal prep is important! It will help you save money and eat more healthfully and feel super smug! But sometimes it feels like so much work.

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While these products might not entirely cure you of meal prep exhaustion, they'll definitely improve some of the more unpleasant aspects.

2. Mason jars, for storing salads, soaking oats, shaking dressings, and generally making your life more Pinterest-y.

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Learn more about harnessing the power of the Mason jar here!

Get a pack of 12 at Walmart for $9.77.


3. A cutting board with drawers, so you can keep keep foods separate, even with limited counter space.

Promising review: "I had just bought a new bamboo cutting board about two months ago, but when I saw this one I had to have it. I love that it sits a bit higher, since I'm kinda tall. I love love love the three drawers! they keep me from cluttering my very limited counter space with bowls to hold my different chopped ingredients waiting to go in the pot." —Dingbatdinah

Get it on Amazon for $39.99.

4. An adjustable mandolin that's easy to use and easier to clean.

Mandolins make slicing vegetables faster (and more uniform), but some of them have entirely too many component parts. This one only has two, which is the right number. It's also dishwasher safe.

Get it at Walmart for $19.23.

6. Or an oven- and microwave-safe 12-piece Pyrex set that will cut out the middledishes.

Promising review: "I love these storage bowls. The sizes are perfect for my needs and I love that the glass bowls don't hold in odors like plastic storage bowls do. I will be buying more sets in the future because, in my opinion, you can never have too many storage bowls." —therring

Get it at Walmart for $18.84.


7. A set of 10 nesting prep bowls to help you put everything in its (mise en) place.

Promising review: "I love these bowls. They are very sturdy and easy to store (because they nest), and they come in all the sizes you could possibly need. I have had my set for four years now, and just bought a set for my sister, who is moving into her first apartment. I highly recommend them." —CaraX

Get them at Walmart for $15.87.

8. A food prepping system that slices, dices, and liquifies.

Promising review: "Yes, it makes a perfect smoothie, but that's not why I bought it. I live a low-carb lifestyle so this thing is whipping up a lot of egg-based recipes, flax crackers, almond meal, nut butters, soups, and ground meats. I made hummus for my sister and it was so smooth and perfect! I find a new way to use it every day. I love this thing and recommend it to anyone who is looking to save some time in the kitchen. Cleaning is very easy. I fill it half full with hot tap water and a little squirt of dish soap and pulse it a couple of times and rinse. Couldn't be happier with this purchase." —lucky777monkey

Get it at Walmart for $49.99.

9. Make short work of leafy greens with a kale stripper.

Promising review: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gadget! I make a weekly soup from kale, chard, and other veggies from the garden, as well as fresh herbs. The larger slots save me a ton of time stripping the greens. The small ones make stripping herbs a snap. I have always HATED stripping fresh thyme. With this sweet little tool, leaves come off in seconds. This handy little tool has saved me a LOT of time and frustration. If you think it isn't working properly, play with your technique and you'll find it does exactly what the maker promises!" —victoria

Get it on Amazon for $7.95.


14. A tabletop spiral slicer, for prepping oodles of zoodles with ease.

Promising review: "I absolutely love this gadget. It is so easy to use and makes the most versatile dishes. Even on my first try I made a dish that looked like it should've been in a magazine. On top of all that it was soooooo tasty. If you've been thinking about getting it, definitely do. It's totally worth the price." —SuperSatisfied

Get it at Walmart for $19.88.


15. Reverse the curse of a dull knife with a handheld sharpener.

Promising review: "As soon as I got this product, I could not wait to try it on my knives. Well, now my knives are like new, so I can slice tomatoes. Not only did it sharpen my knives, both straight-edge and serrated, but it sharpened my scissors. A great gadget to use in the kitchen." —smiles

Get it at Walmart for $14.94.