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    This Under-$15 Pomegranate Oil Is My Best Skin Care Trick

    I pom-ise you it works.

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    Even though it's currently unseasonably (and ominously) warm in New York, the season of dry skin is approaching.

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    I don't know about you, but my skin gets dry as hell in the winter.

    After years of being a fair-weather face-washer, I had a moment of panic about aging and decided to buy a lot of serums with retinol in them. Results have been...mixed. I'm pretty sure skin stuff is at least 85% genetics, but I'm also highly susceptible to peer pressure from attractive people. As such, I've wasted a lot of money on a lot of mediocre face lotions β€” the kind that feel so nice going on, but flake out (literally) a few hours later.

    But last year, I found an actually reasonably priced product that totally alleviates my seasonal dry-face: Leven Rose pomegranate oil.

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    I'm not especially acne-prone, but I was initially skeptical about putting a viscous oil all over my face. I also have pretty sensitive skin that reddens easily, whether from embarrassment, kissing someone with stubble, or a phantom itch that looks like a mosquito bite for about an hour then goes away (okay, but anyone else get that?).

    But I decided to try the oil anyway, because 1) an 80-year-old woman with absolutely beautiful skin told me that she had been moisturizing with pure pomegranate oil for many years, and 2) it only costs $13.97, which is pretty great for a skin care product.

    As it turns out, not only does the pomegranate oil not irritate my skin, it actually evens out my skin tone, and diminishes redness in the days after I put it on. Which makes sense, scientifically! This study on the health effects of pomegranates calls out, among other things, its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to improve wound-healing.

    And it's honestly the best moisturizer I've ever used.,

    I put a few drops on my clean face before bed, twice a week. It has a pleasant, not-overpowering smell, and my skin soaks it up quickly. In the days after I apply it, my skin feels incredibly soft β€” the real challenge is not creepily touching my face all the time, honestly.

    You can combine the pom oil with your existing skincare routine, if you have one. I use a retinol serum and an eye cream, which I apply before putting on the oil.

    But according to Amazon reviewers, moisturizing is just one of the myriad talents of this oil!

    Reviewers rave about its efficacy in diminishing scars and fine lines as well as its moisturizing effects on hair.

    Promising review: "REALLY GREAT FOR YOUR SKIN! So impressed. Take that, expensive department store skin treatments. This is moisturizing and doesn't make me break out even though it's an oil. I'm at that age where I'm getting the little crinkles but still breaking out, and this oil does it all." β€”Gracie's Mom

    Promising review: "I love this pomegranate seed oil! I use it nightly on my face and it has helped tremendously with acne scars on my chin!" β€”ashley

    Promising review: "I am so happy with this product. I am 85 years young, and have never found any product that comes close to this. I bought this originally for my hair, as it was so dry, and nothing I purchased seem to help. I have been using this product for two weeks, and the results are positively amazing. Both my hair and face show an amazing glow. Thank you so much for this amazing product. I am ordering two more bottles today, one for me and one for my sister." β€”M. Saust

    It's all-natural β€” literally the only ingredient is cold-pressed pomegranate oil β€” which, even if you're not a natural beauty acolyte (I, for one, am not), is pretty comforting.

    What is a paraben? I don't know, but maybe if I keep using this oil, I'll never need to find out!

    Get it from Amazon or from Leven Rose on Etsy for $13.97.

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