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    14 Packaged Low-Carb Snacks That Are Actually Delicious

    Cut the carbs, keep the flavor.

    As a diabetic person who loves snacks, I'm always on the hunt for packaged food that's low in carbs.

    1. Chili-lime pistachios, which are totally worth the extra shell-cracking effort.

    2. Peanut butter or almond butter packets perfect for pocket-stashing.

    3. Dill pickle cashews, which combine two delicious foods into one unstoppable force of snackdom.

    4. Turkey sticks that will give you a protein boost without a sugar crash.

    5. These beef sticks, classic road trip fare that deserve some love even off the highway.

    6. Fancy-ass pork rinds, which prove that you can make anything artisanal if you put your mind to it.

    7. Regular-ass pork rinds, if you want that crunch for less cash.

    8. Dry-roasted edamame that will give you your daily dose of wasabi.

    9. Moon cheese, so you can snack like a Jetson.

    10. Vegan jerky, proving once again that we live in a golden age of meatless foods.

    11. Olive snack packs that won't leak brine all over your bag.

    12. Sesame seaweed snacks, a low-carb choice you shouldn't ignori.

    13. Hulled sunflower seeds, for the snacker with no time to deal with pesky shells.

    14. Smokehouse almonds, the smokey, salty nut you won't be able to quit.

    You're on the right snack.