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    10 Life-Changing Things To Try In November

    Because we tried them for you in October!

    1. Care/of, a service that makes taking daily vitamins easy, customizable, worry-free (and kinda fun?).

    2. A Ban.do agenda for keeping your shit together in style.

    3. A Hamilton Beach slow cooker, which will transform you into a meal prepper with the most minimal effort.

    4. Calphalon 10-Piece Space-Saving Cookware Set, a godsend for anyone with limited cabinet space.

    5. The Midwest iCrate, a convenient folding dog crate that will make even anxious doggos feel at home.

    6. A CB2 felt hamper that'll turn your dirty laundry into a ~home accent~.

    7. The GermGuardian Air Purifier, to rid your living space of unpleasant odors and squicky mystery particles.

    8. The Whirly Board, a surprisingly fun way to improve coordination and stability (and ~sk8r boi~ cred).

    9. The LectroFan High-Fidelity White-Noise Machine, which will drown out even the most obnoxious noises to give you the beauty sleep you deserve.

    10. An Aroma Housewares 3-in-1 Superpot, perfect for boiling, grilling, stewing, and general culinary heroism.