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Kombucha Is Not A Miracle Beverage, But It Does Taste Really Good

You ferment for me, and I ferment for you.

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In January of this year, BuzzFeed News reported on the purported health benefits of kombucha.

Is kombucha—the fermented tea beloved by acai bowl influencers and the desperately hungover alike—really a miracle beverage with myriad health benefits? Or is it just another four dollar snake oil?

The results were... inconclusive.

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Basically, the claims around the healing powers of kombucha aren't proven.

And personally, I can vouch for the fact that kombucha will not cure diabetes, because I drink it all the time and I'm still diabetic AF.

But what I can state definitively is that kombucha drinks—specifically GT's Kombucha in the dubiously named Trilogy flavor—are delicious.

It's a little sweet, a little tart, a little fizzy, and entirely refreshing.

I don't generally drink sugary drinks (mostly due to the aforementioned diabetes), but this one genuinely delicious, and I find that when I drink one in the morning, I'm less ravenous throughout the day. Placebo? Maybe! But I'll still take it.

It is also a fairly expensive habit. Not cold-pressed green juice expensive, but I have, once or twice, paid a full five American dollars for a bottle. While it's never going to be cheap, it can be cheaper than that.

Get a cold-packed bottles at Jet for $3.49.

(The price also drops if you buy multiple bottles, AND new Jet users get 15% off their first three orders over $35 with the promo code SAVE15.)


I also endorse the Cayennade flavor, with the caveat that there are actual chunks of cayenne floating in there.

It sort of makes me feel like I'm doing the Master Cleanse, only I'm still eating a lot of other food. I think it would also be very nice mixed with tequila!

Get it at Jet for $3.22.

In conclusion, GT's Kombucha is a delicious beverage that will definitely not make you immortal. But since immortality sounds terrible anyway, I recommend that you (carefully) crack open a Trilogy and give it a try.