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    15 Beautiful Houseplants You Can Actually Order Online

    Get ready for Millennial Green.

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    In 100 years, when the humans of the future are studying the Millennial Age, they will have a lot of evidence the fecklessness, entitlement, and ruthlessness of the Millennial Generation.

    Millennials, who know no God other than their own self indulgence, have turned their backs on fabric softener…

    Provided that humans are still around in 100 years, they'll have any number of think-pieces, trend-pieces, Twitter rejoinders, and, of course, shades of pink to help them answer the question: What was the Millennial, and why did it love avocado so much?

    The Washington Post recently gave future generations another bit of insight into the Millennial Agenda with an article about their love of houseplants.

    Since Millennials also love buying things online, here are some beautiful plants you can there!

    Don't buy a home; buy plants. Actually, build a tiny house out of an avocado tree and let me know how it goes.

    1. A little family of baby succulents just begging to be anthropomorphized.

    2. Air plants that will make your home #plantgang ready, no soil required.

    3. A snake plant (AKA Mother in Law's Tongue), which is harder to kill than the diamond industry.

    4. A gardening subscription box, complete with live plants and garden decor.

    5. A desert in a dish that won't ever leave you high and dry.

    6. A string of pearls succulent, if you're looking for a plant that knows how to accessorize.

    7. A fiddle-leaf fig, which, according to the Washington Post, "has achieved what is known in the Instagram universe as holy-grail status."

    8. A prayer plant. Let it be your induction into the religion of indoor foliage.

    9. A Venus Flytrap, in case you like your plants with a little extra danger.

    10. A jade plant, which is a symbol of luck, friendship, and prosperity.

    11. A large monstera that's much friendlier than its name suggests.

    12. A hearty rubber plant, which ~bounces back~ quickly.

    13. An adorable aloe plant that can soothe your skin and your loneliness.

    14. A starter set of four pretty plants to put your house jungle on the right track.

    15. And an orchid, beautiful but finicky, for the expert-level Millennial gardeners among you.

    Godspeed to you all!