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    This Programmable Coffee Pot Is Legit Life-Changing

    Is this what having a butler is like?

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    I used a French press for seven years, because I am highly susceptible to all things "sleek" and "minimal."

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    For seven years, any time I wanted a cup of home-brewed coffee, I'd fill my tiny saucepan with water (because I don't have a kettle, which is another problem I should have solved by now, as it is my literal job to write about products), grind up some coffee beans, quickly empty and rinse my French press upon realizing it was still full of yesterday's sludge, pour in the coffee and the water, and wait five minutes for the coffee to brew.

    It might not seem that onerous, but those steps add up to at least one and a half snoozes! Also, maybe I wasn't grinding the beans to the proper texture, but the bottom fourth of the carafe was always severely gritty.

    Recently, I decided that I was going to start getting up early in the morning to write. I knew I needed some kind of incentive to get me out of my sweet, sweet bed, so I finally pulled the trigger on a programmable coffee pot.

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    I wanted a coffee maker I could program to brew me a pot of coffee while I got a few extra blissful minutes of sleep — and gently nudge me awake with the smell of hot bean water.

    Weirdly, I don't know anyone who has a regular-ass countertop coffee pot. All my friends use French presses or some variety of pour-over setup (and my sister has a Keurig, which I do not enjoy). So I had to rely on trusty Amazon reviews to guide me. Enter: the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker.

    I ordered it on Amazon (along with a bag of Whole Foods Hometown Blend coffee, which I love because it is p cheap and v good) and a Yeti insulated cup (which is as 100% as legit as everyone says).

    This coffee maker — which has over 2,500 five-star reviews on Amazon — lets you choose between brewing a single serving or a 12-cup pot, and can also be programmed up to 24 hours in advance so you can wake up to already-brewed coffee.,

    A lot of the reviews focused on how easy the machine is to program (which is great because I once asked a friend if air-conditioning could be used to heat a room), and since my early-rising scheme hinged on having coffee waiting for me in the morning, this was key.

    "This is a perfect coffee maker. I can make a single cup without using the K-cup method, which I think makes horrible coffee. It cleans up very easily and is extremely easy to program. I can have my cup waiting for me in the morning and then set one up for my husband when he gets up an hour later." —Amazon Customer

    "This is the best coffee maker we've ever owned — piping-hot coffee, easy to use auto-program function, and the coffee tastes great! The single-serve option is an awesome bonus feature. You can even use tea bags in there. We've had it for about a month and haven't had a single issue. My old coffee maker would drip a lot when pulling out the carafe to pour a cup while it was still brewing. This one only lets out a drop or two. The two-hour auto shut-off feature is nice, but that seems to be standard for programmable coffee makers now. Bottom line: we love it!" —JP - Tennessee

    "I seldom write reviews, but I have been looking for a good coffee maker for ages. Thank goodness I stuck with the search and took a chance with this. I really love it!! It works great — the coffee is the best I've had, I love the option of a carafe for those lazy mornings, and the single serve for the busy mornings when I have to grab a cup and run." —Brenda

    So few things in life are as great as you expect them to be (lookin' at you, every haunted house ever), but this coffee maker absolutely is.

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    I've been using it for a few weeks, and here are some things I know for sure:

    1. Flimsy though my original hypothesis ("a programmable coffee pot will help me wake up earlier in order to write") may have been, it was actually correct! Knowing there's hot coffee waiting for me makes getting out of bed — even earlier than I'm used to — way easier.

    2. GRIT IS NOT AN ESSENTIAL PART OF AT-HOME COFFEE BREWING. I had no idea you could drink a whole pot without swallowing a single shard of coffee, but this is my life now, and I will never go back.

    3. Yes, programming this coffee pot is really as easy as the reviews claim. And if you're waking up at the same time every day, you don't even have to change the setting — you literally press one button.

    4. The ability to brew a single cup of coffee is very nice, even if you rarely exercise the option. In general, I like my coffee like I like my Donald Duck: bottomless. That said, for an evening cup, the single-serving side is perfect.

    5. Space efficiency is far less important to me than the perfect cup of coffee. Yeah, this thing is bulkier than a French press, but I'm more than willing to pay the counter-space tax for coffee this good.

    Me, waking up to a fresh-brewed pot every morning:

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    Get it from Amazon for $57.99.

    Some reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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