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    Give Your Closet A Makeover With These Simple Steps

    A step-by-step guide.

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    My closet is a veritable Cave of Forgotten Jeans (and hats, and probably various electronics manuals and a dead laptop), so when I watched this DIY closet makeover, I related hard to the "Before".

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    But then, amazingly, the makeover actually looked—dare I say—totally doable! See for yourself!

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    And check out the tips and products in the video below.

    1. Take everything out of the closet.

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    Quoth Ashley, BuzzFeed video producer and part-time closet organization master: "You cannot fully organize your closet if you cannot fully see your closet."

    I can't argue with that! If you're worried about dumping all your clothes and such on your floor, lay down a sheet and get to uncloseting.

    2. Sort your shit by item type.

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    Shirts with shirts. Pants with pants. Wigs with wigs. Do this before you put anything back in the closet!

    3. Put everything on matching hangers., Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    This one might be a little controversial, but matching hangers will make your closet look so much nicer (and maybe that will encourage you to keep it from becoming a prism of garbage again!).

    Get a pack of 18 velvet suit from Walmart in black for $6.85 or white for $7.43. Get a pack of six clipped hangers from Walmart in multiple colors for $6.25+.

    4. Get a hanging shoe organizer, which will save floor-space (and let you see all your carefully chosen footwear).

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    If you have a preponderance of tall boots, you should also pick up some boot shapers to help them keep their shapes.

    Get the shoe organizer from Walmart for $14.99 or from Jet for $15.39. Get four pairs of boot shapers from Amazon for $19.90 .

    5. Replace lidded mystery bins with labeled, easy-to-access baskets.

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    As someone whose closet it full of giant gross plastic bins, I am especially enamored of these baskets, which have removable, washable linings, and tiny little chalkboard labels on their fronts.

    Get them from Walmart for $12.44.

    6. Get a hamper with shelves to maximize storage.

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed,

    I was hesitant about the prospect of putting my laundry in my closet with all my clean(ish) clothes, but then this tip really blew my mind: out a dryer sheet in with your unwashed laundry to keep things smelling fresh in there.

    Get the hamper from Walmart for $19.84. Get a 240-pack of dryer sheets from Jet for $8.94 or from Amazon for $8.24.

    7. Stow your off-season clothes in suitcases.

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    You can also hide other bags inside the biggest one, like schleppable matryoshka dolls!

    8. Use an app to catalogue your closet.

    Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

    The Stylebook app lets you upload and organize photos of all your clothes, so you have a digital version of your closet that you can browse without making a huge mess. You can also create outfit collages, packing lists (my favorite), and an outfit tracking calendar with the app.

    Get it for iOs from the App Store for $3.99.

    No more monsters in this closet.

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