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    This App Pays You For The Groceries You're Already Buying And Now I Like Grocery Shopping

    No matter where you buy your groceries, the Fetch app will reward you for the products you're already buying.

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    A lot of things are alarming about adulthood: the fact that diamonds aren't forever but credit scores are, the idea of making your own doctors' appointments forever, the specter of death looming ever nearer...

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    But (arguably) the most troubling of all is how much damn money groceries cost.

    If you have never (accidentally, inexplicably) spent $50 on something like a box of pasta, a single tomato, and a can of soup, you are a better adult than I. Every once in a while (usually riiiight before that direct deposit hits) I consider becoming a Coupon Person, but honestly, it sounds like there might be some math involved and I just...It's not for me, okay?

    But what absolutely is for me (and maybe for you, too?) is Fetch, an app that earns you rewards for buying the groceries you're already buying.


    Guys, they did it. They made Fetch happen.

    All you have to do is download the (freeeeee) app and log in with Facebook (or you can just create an account with your name and email, if you're like me and prefer to give Facebook all your data ONLY via Instagram).

    Once your have the app, you can start racking up those sweet points by scanning your receipts from grocery stores, convenience stores, club stores, drugstores, and liquor stores.

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    No matter where you buy groceries (from mom and pop shops to major chains), you can scan your receipts and earn points.

    You earn points by purchasing items from certain brands, but you don't have to switch from Campbell's Soup to Kimball's Sorp in order to take advantage — the list of 250+ brands includes Kraft, Pepsi, Pepperidge Farms, Quaker, Dove — you know, things you've heard of.

    The number of points you earn is determined by the dollar amount of each product, which means it's a great way to help yourself feel better about splurging on novelty snacks.

    As you accumulate points, you can put them toward gift cards to a ton of stores — Amazon, Sephora, Walmart, and Target, to name a few.


    The app also lists special offers that will earn you even more points.


    And, to give some context to those points, 1,000 equals about a dollar in rewards. Which is a dollar more than you're earning from grocery shopping now,'re welcome!

    To recap: Step 1: download the (free) app from Fetch (available for iOS and Android). Step 2: upload your grocery receipts to the app. Step 3:

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