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18 Fanny Packs You'll Want To Buy Immediately

Waist not, want not.

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We hear it about once every two years (or once every... twelve-ish Fashion Weeks. There are too many Fashion Weeks.): the fanny pack has returned.

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The time had come again. This week, Fashionista declared this Gucci fanny pack to be "the 'It' bag of London Fashion Week".

But whether or not you follow the vagaries of the fashion industry, there's no denying that fanny packs are pretty damn convenient. And now that they're creeping toward It Bag status, there are more good-looking options available than ever.

If you're not entirely convinced yet, here are 18 bags that might change your mind.

1. A convertible croc-effect waist bag, for extra versatility.


3. An eye-catching pack perfect for holding your essentials and advertising your fashion cred.,

Promising review: "Everywhere I go I get compliments on this fanny pack.... I got it for my birthday and I've truly fallen in love." —Crystal

Get it in multiple colors on Amazon for $14.99–$16.99.

4. A pretty pack that looks as good draped across a chest as it does cinched around a waist.


7. A streamlined fanny pack that's stylish, yet subdued.

Promising review: "I bought this for my husband. It's very fashionable and it's the perfect size. He can fit his smartphone, Kindle, 7" tablet, wallet, and keys, and still have space left for a few more items. Highly recommended." —Caribbean N18 W66

Get it in multiple colors on Amazon for $24.65.

10. A camo-lined fanny pack perfect for hiding valuables.


11. A slinky pack with a dark floral print that screams "FALL!"

Dark florals for all for fall!

Promising review: "Dude, I wore this fanny once and everyone and their momma loved it. The colors are vibrant and it's totally on trend." —EMoney

Get it in black or blue at Forever 21 for $15.90.


15. A quilted pack that's very "ladies who lunch [with fanny packs]".

16. A minimalist fanny pack that will kill the "tacky tourist" connotation once and for all.

Promising review: "The fanny pack is designed in a very smart and minimal way. The strap can be adjusted to fit your liking and lets you wear the fanny pack in many different ways. The fanny pack itself is very spacious! Overall, I think it's a great design. It looks great with every outfit and definitely worth its price." —Thalia B.

Get it at Everlane for $25.

18. And finally, a super-luxe leather fanny pack decorated with scarabs and lions, which looks like something a pharaoh would wear to fashion week.

Is your mood this month "fuck rent"? If so, you should buy this even-pricer version of the Gucci pack mentioned on Fashionista! If you buy it, please send me n

email—I want to know everything about your life.

Get it at Nordstrom for $1,690.