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If You Want To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse, You Need These Glasses

Protect your eyes from the murderous majesty of the sun!

On Monday, August 21, there will be a total solar eclipse visible in the Continental US.

NASA / Via

The last time North America saw a total solar eclipse was in 1979. President Jimmy Carter had given up his peanut farm to avoid potential conflicts of interest, the first world conference on climate change was held in Geneva, and Kourtney's birth ushered in the Kardashian dynasty.

It's been a minute! So in case you forgot: do not look directly at the eclipse without protective eyewear.

Not just any protective eyewear, either—you need certified solar filter glasses. (See above.)

Lucky for you, Buzzfeed is selling limited edition ISO- and CE-certified eclipse glasses!

Get a four-pack of glasses for $9.99, because friends don't let friends suffer photic retinopathy.

The glasses will ship on or before August 11.

Who knows where you'll be the next time there's a total solar eclipse?

Stuck at work? Making a new life for yourself in newly-coastal Wyoming? Who's to say?

Life is uncertain! Get these glasses, and experience the glory of the eclipse safely.

(PSST: BuzzFeed makes money if you buy these!)

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