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    8 Delicious Sweet Treats You Can Buy Online

    Flavored caramels, sour gummies, gluten-free tarts, Italian cookies, and more perfect desserts for every kind of sweet tooth, as recommended by the BuzzFeeders who love them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. McCrea's Caramels, for a sophisticated sweet treat in a fancy package that's worth the indulgence.

    Bek O'Connell / Via BuzzFeed, Amazon

    If you love sweets and hate your teeth, look no further than McCrea's. This heavenly candy company serves up some of the fanciest caramels I've ever had. I'm a total stan for caramel (especially *salted* caramel), so I'm biased, but I strongly believe that your life will significantly improve after you buy a tube of these bad boys.

    Each flavor is distinct — from the zip of the ginger to the surprisingly rich highland scotch. It's the perfect consistency, meaning you can chew on these for a solid minute and really enjoy the flavor. My personal favorite is the black lava sea salt, which is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. My friends seem to like the deep chocolate thanks to its rich flavor that one might compare to getting socked in the face with a cacao bean.

    To get a full scope of the flavors, I recommend trying their Flavor Family, because it comes with nine different ones: deep chocolate, dark roasted mocha, ginger fusion, rosemary truffle sea salt, highland scotch, black lava sea salt, tapped maple, Cape Cod sea salt, and classic vanilla. It's definitely a little pricey for candy, but they do come in fancy packaging, so they'll make a great gift (from you to you). —Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

    2. Hail Merry tarts, for an indulgent dessert treat that's safe for both gluten-free and vegan folks.

    Francine Hendrickson / Via BuzzFeed

    As a gluten-free human, indulging in decadent, rich desserts can be difficult. One day as I was perusing through the aisles of the health food store, I saw a chocolate mint Hail Merry tart and, realizing it was gluten-free, decided to give it a whirl — it was very delish. Since then, when I get a really really intense chocolate craving, I go for one of these tarts.

    Recently I tried the chocolate almond butter tart, which was basically a smoother, richer, darker version of a peanut butter cup. I definitely prefer this tart over the mint, mostly because it packs 11 grams of protein per serving. It's made with a lot of coconut oil, so the decadence was almost too much; even though this tart is pretty small, I could not finish it because it was so rich, so be prepared to share! The crust of the tart is made of almond flour, which gives it a really unique texture that I love. If you are crazy for dark chocolate and almond butter and hate overly sweet desserts, I recommend treating yourself to this lil' tart. It'll definitely satisfy your craving. —Francine Hendrickson

    Get a dark chocolate tart for $5.49 or a pack of six chocolate almond butter mini-tarts for $8.79 from Jet.

    3. Eating Evolved Organic Coconut Butter Cups, a gluten-free, vegan chocolate treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your whole Paleo thing.

    Eating Evolved / Via Instagram: @eatingevolved

    Have you ever read an article that tells you to satisfy your sweet tooth with a single square or dark chocolate, or like, half and orange? Yeah, fuck those articles. If they ever met my sweet tooth, they would cower in fear of its insatiable appetite. Which is why I was highly skeptical when I saw these Paleo/vegan/cane sugar–free Eating Evolved coconut butter cups at my grocery store (they have since disappeared, because FoodTown is shit). But since I'm always trying to find new and delicious ways to eat dessert without upsetting my type 1 diabetic body too much, I decided to give them a try.

    And holy diabetic fever dream, are they delicious. Each cup has 6 grams of net carbs, and the coconut butter and dark chocolate make them feel genuinely dessert-y. Though I think words like "decadent" and "indulgent" are generally reserved for tricking women into thinking low-fat yogurt is SCANDALOUSLY DELICIOUS, those are the words that come to mind when I eat these! In fact, I usually only eat one, so effectively do they scratch my candy itch. They're rich and creamy, and have a very appealing combination of sweet and savory going on.

    I've since tried the caramel sea salt and mint cream cups, and I loved them both, though the classic is still my favorite. If you need a sweet cap to every meal like I do, these are a great way to have your low-carb cake and eat it too. —Jessie Gaynor

    Get two cups from Thrive Market for $2.49.

    4. Loacker Quadratini, an Italian cookie that will make you a believer in the power of the wafer.

    Loaker USA / Via

    Wafer cookies. I used to think they were boring. I used to think they were gross. I used to look at them with straight-up pity. What a sad little cookie. What a waste of sugar. Of time. Of the up-and-down motion of a tooth.

    So when I first met the Loacker, a widely loved cookie in Italy, I was like, "Thanks for the offer, but could you show me where your friends Chocolate Chip Cookie or Shortbread Cookie live? I don’t have time to waste on shitty cookies." But everyone was so diligent in their love of the Loacker — the flavors! the variance in shape! — that my curiosity started to form and that curiosity nearly ate me alive. Until I gave in one day.

    And I didn’t regret it. I mean, maybe a little — a few months ago when I drove seven hours round-trip to Chicago and spent $12 on parking JUST TO GO TO EATALY WHERE THEY SELL THESE? Maybe then. But not really. The cookies come in a bunch of flavors — espresso, hazelnut, lemon, chocolate, tiramisu — but vanilla has a special place in my heart. Have you ever noticed that the vanilla wafer cookies in the US are actually, like, yellow? The color is like an old moth ball that got stuck in the back of a drawer 25 years ago. The vanilla Loacker, on the other hand, is white, like a scoop of vanilla ice cream carried aloft by angel’s wings. —Kelly Green

    Get an pack of eight from Walmart for $35.04.

    5. Enjoy Life cookies, a dairy-, gluten-, nut-, and soy-free treat that doesn't taste like deprivation and sadness.

    Elena Garcia / Via BuzzFeed,

    I love dairy! I wish I could stand on top of a huge building and proclaim my adoration for it! I love milk, cheese, cream...I love it all! But my fiancé is lactose-intolerant, which makes loving all dairy-related products a fuckin' pain in the ass. I can never finish things before they go bad, or I feel guilty (and, let's be honest, a little sick) about eating that entire barrel of ice cream all by myself. So, little by little, we’ve started to find alternatives to our favorite dairy-based products. Some of the alternatives have been straight-up awful. Like, the worst. (Stop trying to make dairy-free cheese happen; it’s never gonna happen!!!)

    But some have been awesome, and these cookies fit into that category! Enjoy Life cookies are dairy-, soy-, gluten-, and nut-free, and they’re not made with any artificial ingredients. They’re so good that I could easily eat an entire box in one sitting. In fact, I probably shouldn’t be left alone with an entire box. They come in a ton of flavors, including chocolate chip, double chocolate, and sugar, but my favorite is the snickerdoodle, because I’m all about that cinnamon life. They come in crunchy or soft-baked varieties, to suit whatever mood you may be in. Literally you would never know these cookies weren’t just regular ol’ cookies: They’re that good!! —Elena Garcia

    Get a pack of six boxes from Amazon for $19.27+ (available in 17 flavors).

    6. Godiva hazelnut creme ground coffee, a heavenly flavored beverage even coffee snobs will love.

    Yi Yang / Via BuzzFeed

    Over the holidays, I received a bag of Godiva’s Hazelnut Creme Ground Coffee from my S.O.’s family. I was not expecting to like it at all, because I don’t usually enjoy flavored coffee, and I prefer to brew my coffee using whole beans rather than the ground variety. But as soon as I opened the bag, I was won over by the aroma; it didn’t smell artificial or overpowering, but instead like high-quality hazelnut gelato. It was literally mouth-watering (no joke).

    I brewed some right away in my trusty Bialetti Moka pot. It was the most delicious coffee I’ve ever tasted — and I’m quite picky about coffee. One sip of this heavenly drink made me forget all about my favorite coffee shop. It tastes just like it smells: like ice cream (without the sweetness). It doesn’t even need sugar TBH because the flavor is so rich. I loved it so much that I ordered two additional bags on the spot because I knew I would finish the first one very quickly. It’s a bit expensive for ground coffee (it is Godiva brand, after all), but I think of it as a special treat.

    I love serving it after dinner as a dessert drink. Whenever my friends come over, they’re always asking where to get some for themselves. I think it tastes the best when made into an iced latte, but it’s also great served hot. If you're into hazelnut flavor or just really love a great cup of coffee, give this a try. I HIGHLY recommend it. —Yi Yang

    Get a 10-ounce bag from Amazon for $12.

    7. Dehydrated marshmallows, a ~charmed~ sweet treat that will make any cereal ~luckier~.

    Shannon & Entourage / Via

    I'm the youngest child in my family, so obviously my job growing up was to ruin everything for my older siblings. One of those things was a certain leprechaun marshmallow-y breakfast cereal I won't name here for legal reasons. I dug my dirty child hands into every box and fished out all the marshmallows before my brother or sister could get to them. What a jerk I was! Lucky for me — and annoying little siblings everywhere — you can buy the best part of said (unsaid) breakfast cereal, the dehydrated marshmallows, on Amazon.

    I got a bag of these for my (34-year-old) brother as a very belated atonement, and they were a huge hit. They taste exactly like the cereal 'mallows — that is, crunchy yet melt-in-your-mouth delicious — and the best part is that you don't have to let Big Breakfast control how many you get. They're also delicious in hot cocoa, as an ice cream topping, and (this is a space of love and honesty), all on their own.

    But really, the best part is that you can pour them in a bowl, add some milk, and tell everyone it's cereal. —Jessie Gaynor

    Get a 1-pound bag from Amazon for $10.99, or a 2-pound bag from a different (but similarly beloved) brand for $15.99.

    8. Haribo sour gummi Smurfs, an un-put-downable candy you should buy at your own risk.

    Amazon, Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    If you know anything about gummies, you know that Haribo is a big player in the gummi world. They offer a flavor and shape for virtually everyone. Had you asked me a year ago if I had a favorite gummi, I would have told you it was the Happy Cola (gummi cola bottles), because Coca-Cola is a big weakness of mine. But that was before I discovered the sour gummi Smurfs. I found them in a department store, of all places, while I was holiday shopping.

    Here's how it went: bought a bag. Went home. Opened it. Came up for air. No Smurfs remained. Went back to the department store. Bought the other two bags they had in stock. Went home. Opened bag #2 the next day and bag #3 the following day. Went back to store. NO MORE BAGS. Waited a couple days. NO MORE BAGS. Waited another week. NO MORE BAGS. Went online. THANK YOU, AMAZON. Bought an entire case.

    After the first case arrived, my husband and I basically made them the base of our own personal food pyramid. We would put our baby to bed and then each grab a bag, and not even speak to each other until the deed was done. It was a wonderful time. (I’m actually going to go get some right now because I can’t talk about them without eating them.)

    PS: Don’t waste your time on the non-sour Smurfs. While also cute, they are too one-note. The sour ones have the perfect distribution of sweet to tart. —Kelly Green

    Get a 12-pack of 4-ounce bags from Amazon for $15.31, or a single bag from Jet for $2.62.

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    Allison Krausman / Via BuzzFeed