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    18 Things To Put On Your Walls When You're Not Allowed To Paint

    For renters, dormers, and the decoratively indecisive alike.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    1. Wallpaper decals that are easy to peel off and will make your room look like a Parisian coffee shop...

    Get a roll at Jet for $41.19.

    2. ...or a London loft...

    Get a roll at Jet for $41.19 or WallPops for $49.99.

    3. ...or an enchanted forest.

    Get a roll at Jet for $31.83.

    4. A stick-on cityscape you can use to create a cute headboard effect.

    You don't have to be a troll to make your bed under a bridge.

    Get it at Jet for $14.68.

    5. Gold foil decals, for a room that says "Pinterest fever dream."

    Foiled again!

    Get a pack of 90 at Jet for $8.65.

    6. 3-D triangles to add some texture to your walls.

    Why stop at color?

    Get a pack of 16 at Bloomingdale's for $20.

    7. A verdant tapestry, so you can swap your taupe plaster for tropical foliage.

    Tapestries are an excellent way to hide unattractive surfaces.

    Get it at Spring for $39.

    8. Dreamy pink dot decals that double as dry-erase boards.

    Pretty up those passive-aggressive roommate missives.

    Get two at Walmart for $14.99.

    9. A string of cactus lights to add both soft light and Southwestern vibes to your space.

    More succulents will make your decor suck less!

    Get it at Jet for $28.99.

    10. Fruity stickers that are super cute without being cutesy.

    Sweet, but not too sweet.

    Get 100 at Jet for $45.

    11. Origami lanterns, for an easy architectural detail.

    GTFO, overhead lights.

    Get them at Walmart for $6.90.

    12. Peacock-patterned window film that will cast a pretty shadow.

    Put a bird on it, subtly.

    Get it at Jet for $22.24.

    13. Metallic washi tape you can use to hang posters or create low-commitment patterns on your walls.,

    You can find a simple DIY at DesignSponge.

    Get three rolls at Jet for $9.25.

    14. A geometric wall hanging that will add a whole spectrum to your place.

    Expand your dimensions.

    Get it at Society6 for $36.

    15. A hanging photo line to turn memories into ~decor~.

    Put your loves on the line.

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $14.

    16. An over-the-door jewelry hanger that doubles as modern art.

    Art that incorporates both your jewelry and your face.

    Get it at Jet for $24.

    17. An adhesive clock you can arrange any way you want, because time is relative.

    Make it the essence of your wall.

    Get it at Jet for $54.71.

    18. A festive tassel garland that will add a little celebration to your place.

    Renters! Celebrate the fact that plumbing problems aren't your financial responsibility!

    Get it at The Land of Nod for $25.

    lmk if the snozzberries actually taste like snozzberries.

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