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    18 Things To Put On Your Walls When You're Not Allowed To Paint

    For renters, dormers, and the decoratively indecisive alike.

    1. Wallpaper decals that are easy to peel off and will make your room look like a Parisian coffee shop...

    2. ...or a London loft...

    3. ...or an enchanted forest.

    4. A stick-on cityscape you can use to create a cute headboard effect.

    5. Gold foil decals, for a room that says "Pinterest fever dream."

    6. 3-D triangles to add some texture to your walls.

    7. A verdant tapestry, so you can swap your taupe plaster for tropical foliage.

    8. Dreamy pink dot decals that double as dry-erase boards.

    9. A string of cactus lights to add both soft light and Southwestern vibes to your space.

    10. Fruity stickers that are super cute without being cutesy.

    11. Origami lanterns, for an easy architectural detail.

    12. Peacock-patterned window film that will cast a pretty shadow.

    13. Metallic washi tape you can use to hang posters or create low-commitment patterns on your walls.

    14. A geometric wall hanging that will add a whole spectrum to your place.

    15. A hanging photo line to turn memories into ~decor~.

    16. An over-the-door jewelry hanger that doubles as modern art.

    17. An adhesive clock you can arrange any way you want, because time is relative.

    18. A festive tassel garland that will add a little celebration to your place.

    lmk if the snozzberries actually taste like snozzberries.