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    We Reviewed Three Natural Deodorants That Totally Don't Stink

    Do you smell something? No? Exactly!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    While there’s no scientific evidence of health risk associated with the aluminum used in antiperspirants, plenty of people are still opting to go natural when it comes to pit-sweat control (hey, better safe than sorry!).

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    But natural deodorant is a tricky business — the fact is that natural deodorants require more trial and error than aluminum-based antiperspirants. Because they’re mitigating sweat-based odor rather than stopping sweat, their effectiveness relies on their reaction to your specific body chemistry. We tested some of the top-rated natural options to see which ones work and which ones really stink.

    Editor's Note: We're currently updating these picks! Check back soon for more.

    EO Organic Deodorant Spray


    Let’s start with a bit of neutral news that is bad in the context of natural deodorant recommendations: Everyone’s microbiome is unique, and as such, they all respond differently to things like — yes — natural deodorant. We're sorry. We know that’s a sort of a down note on which to begin an ostensibly authoritative recommendation of natural deodorants. But in the course of our deodorant testing, we found that the consensus wasn’t as strong for these as it was for, say, kitchen sponges. With that being said, we think that EO Organic Deodorant Spray is the best low-price choice for the largest number of sweaty people.

    This spray consists of organic alcohol (sugar cane ethanol, to be precise), purified water, and an essential oil blend that varies depending on the scent. That’s it! And while alcohol — which kills stank-causing germs — can be an irritant for sensitive skin, our designated sensitive-skin tester (whose pits balked at baking soda) found EO to be pleasantly gentle. It comes in four scents: lavender, citrus, vetiver, and tea tree. The smells are subtle, and more like a nice cologne than a traditional deodorant or antiperspirant (though when it came to vetiver, our testers were divided: Some loved it, and some found it too medicinal).


    “Yes, okay,” we hear you asking, “but does it work?” And the answer is yes! For the most part, it works! Of course, no natural deodorant is going to prevent you from sweating. Aluminum, the thing we’re trying to avoid, is what stops you from sweating. But this stuff does a decent job of stopping you from stinking. For everyday use, our testers found this spray to be effective at neutralizing/masking odor (in other words: EO beat B.O.). Our tests did not include exercise (because quite honestly, if you don’t stink at the gym, you’re doing it wrong), but they did include humidity, subway trains, and a few self-proclaimed sweat monsters. By the end of the day, each of our testers found that, while they might not have been comfortable inviting people to sniff their pits, they were, at the very least, not the designated smelly kid.

    In terms of application, EO’s application is easy and mess-free. Unlike some of the deodorants we tried, which required the user to dip their fingers in a paste and smear said paste under their arms, you can simply spray this stuff on in a few refreshing bursts. And for those times when you need to re-up during the day, it also comes in easily packable towelettes (one note about the spray bottle: It’s 4 ounces, so not TSA-approved for carry-ons). It’s clear, quick-drying, non-sticky, and non-greasy, so your clothes will be totally safe (for which our shirts are all eternally grateful).

    Bottom line: If you want a natural deodorant in the same price bracket as most non-natural varieties, EO is your best bet.

    Get it from Amazon for $15 (2-Pack)

    Kopari Coconut Deodorant


    Coconut oil is basically the bloodletting of today: People tout is as a cure for everything from frizzy hair to pathological rudeness (results may vary). But based on our experience with our pick for this category, Kopari Coconut Deodorant, we can confidently endorse coconut oil for at least one thing: taming that B.O.

    If you don’t like the smell of coconut, first of all, why do you hate summer joy so much? (Just kidding — different strokonuts for different coconuts!) Second of all, this is probably not the best option for you, as it does smell strongly of coconut. We didn’t find the scent at all overwhelming, though, and it mostly dissipated within an hour.


    In addition to coconut oil — which is antimicrobial and antibacterial — and coconut water (for hydration; more on that later), Kopari deodorant contains sage oil, which (according to the company) helps with both odor and sweat reduction. Is it because it flushes all the bad vibes out of your armpits? Unclear! But, to our true delight and astonishment, it actually works! This was one of the only deodorants we tried, at any price point, that had any effect on the amount we sweat. Not only that, but it left us smelling fresh as daisies by day’s end. Or perhaps daisies that have maybe been kept in a warm pocket for a few hours. Which is still pretty dang great, all things considered.

    This stuff is a stick, so it’s super easy to apply, and though it leaves more of a residue than EO, our $ pick, it goes on invisible and didn’t stain our clothes at all. But by far our favorite thing about this deodorant is how much it soothed and hydrated the pits of even our most sensitive tester. BELIEVE THE COCONUT OIL HYPE! A deodorant that makes your armpits feel better is a rare and glorious thing (trust us — we’ve tried a lot. You’re welcome).

    To recap: A natural deodorant that smells like a tropical paradise, keeps B.O. at bay, actually reduces sweat, and makes your underarm skin feel soft and hydrated? Brb, buying at least two lifetime supplies.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.

    Aesop Deodorant


    We all know it’s usually a mistake to judge a book by its cover, but what about judging a deodorant by its (minimalist, impossibly chic, French apothecary-esque) bottle? We’d be lying if we said we didn’t give Aesop’s deodorant spray major points for how lovely it looked on our bathroom shelf. And why not? If you’re going to spend $35 on a bottle of deodorant, it better look like luxury.


    Luckily, this spray has substance in addition to style. It uses zinc ricinoleate, which absorbs and neutralizes odors rather than simply masking them, as well as witch hazel, which shrinks pores (smaller pores = smaller spaces from which sweat can escape), and essential oils, including vetiver. Vetiver, as discussed in the review of our $ pick, EO Organic Spray, is a divisive scent. Some of our testers loved it, some hated it, but everyone had an opinion, one way or another. Aesop itself characterizes the scent as unisex, and while we would argue that all scents are unisex, it’s true that it has a woodsiness that’s less of a traditionally “feminine” scent than, say, apple blossom. It smells more like summer camp than summer flowers. We did notice that the scent is quite strong on the first spritz, but it mellows out considerably within a few minutes.


    Its controversial scent aside, this stuff really does demolish B.O. Despite the pore-shrinking promises of witch hazel, none of our testers noticed any reduction in underarm dampness, but it did offer some of the longest-lasting odor protection of any of the deodorants we tried. Yeah, you’ll sweat, but your sweat will smell like an herbal elixir.

    Like our other spray pick, EO Organic, this stuff goes on clear, dries in a snap, and leaves no residue on skin or clothes. It also got the seal of approval from our sensitive-skinned tester, though several testers and reviewers noted that it does sting if you apply it directly after shaving your pits.

    If you’re willing to shell out for a fancy deodorant, we recommend getting one that not only comes in a seriously stylish package, but that actually, you know, works. When it comes to natural deodorant, Aesop is fable-ous.

    Get it from Nordstrom for $35