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    28 Of The Best Lamps You Can Get On Amazon

    Free yourself from the tyranny of overhead lights!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dimmable brass-finish LED table lamp so you can pair vintage style with modern convenience.

    2. A minimalist table lamp whose soft light will create the perfect ~soothing ambiance~.

    3. A mixed-media table lamp that might make your desk someplace you actually want to work.

    4. An adjustable-height, antique-style pharmacy lamp to complete your turn-of-the-century sanatorium aesthetic.

    5. A tripod LED lamp with a mid-century modern feel (and this-century modern energy efficiency).

    6. An adorable ceramic owl-shaped lamp, because even nocturnal animals need a little light.

    7. A rechargeable, wireless 3D moon lamp that will bring a little outer space to your inner space.

    8. A gooseneck floor lamp, a sleek light source that will fit right in with a wide variety of decor.

    9. A floor lamp that's also shelves AND two USB ports, so at least something in your home will be a successful multi-tasker.

    10. A glass pendant light to help you see clearly (and provide a nice showcase for your Edison bulbs).

    11. A pup-shaped, dimmable touch lamp for a light source that's also the goodest boy.

    12. A wrought iron lamp with a Tiffany-style shade, because if loving stained glass is wrong, I don't wanna be (Frank Lloyd W)right.

    13. An adjustable brass-finish floor lamp that you can probably convince people you bought at a fancy antique store.

    14. A leather-upholstered lamp to add a pop of color (also: light!) to your space.

    15. An iron tree lamp to give your living room those vintage industrial vibes.

    16. A bright, adjustable metal pendant light to cheer up your ceiling.

    17. A pretty geometric table lamp for a little extra dimension with your light.

    18. A clever lamp/side table combo with two USB ports and way more storage space that your average light source.

    19. A French candlestick lamp that looks like it might come alive and sing a duet with Lumière at any moment.

    20. A shiny mosaic lamp, because sometimes you need a little sparkle (and other times you need a lot of sparkle).

    21. An accent lamp that a little birdie told me was the epitome of understated cuteness.

    22. A dimmable LED floor lamp with a modern art look, which emits light from its entire surface area.

    23. An three-bulbed arc lamp with faux-crystal lampshades to turn you into a Real Housewife of Your Apartment.

    24. A sleek, minimalist LED desk lamp with five brightness modes and a USB port, because it means business.

    25. A mini table lamp perfect for adding a lot of color to a little space.

    26. A retro brass Sputnik chandelier that will both steal the spotlight and be the spotlight.

    27. A Himalayan salt lamp whose health claims may be dubious, but whose pretty pink glow is 100% legit.

    28. An adjustable arc lamp with burlap shades, smart outlet compatibility, and — if I may — a casual elegance.

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