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    21 Backpacks All High School Archetypes Will Love

    Full disclosure: some of these are just archetypes I wish existed.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

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    1. The "popular kid who has secret depths" backpack.

    For every STATE backpack you buy, the company donates a backpack full of school supplies to a student in need! How's that for secret depths?

    Get it at Jet in multiple colors for $84.29.

    **New Jet customers get 15% off their first three orders over $35 with the promo code SAVE15**

    2. The "cheerleader who secretly fears that pep rallies encourage a dangerous mob mentality" backpack.

    We've got well-reasoned and measured spirit, yes we do!

    Get it at Urban Outfitters in multiple colors for $55.

    3. The "quiet kid who secretly runs a meme account with 100k followers" backpack.

    The starter pack.

    Get it at Jet in multiple colors for $35.90.

    4. The "vegan activist nursing a secret crush on the memer" backpack.

    A vegan leather backpack even PETA would love.

    Get it at Nordstrom Rack for $39.97.

    5. The "goth who secretly loves millennial pink" backpack.

    Darkness and sequins aren't mutually exclusive.

    Get it at Nasty Gal in multiple colors for $36.

    6. The "awkward kid who is secretly an awkward 25-year-old journalist" backpack.

    "Hey, fellow kids! Want to follow my fidget spinner account on Snapchat?"

    Get it at Everlane for $65.

    7. The "tech nerd who's secretly working on an app that will disrupt the textbook industry" backpack.

    I believe the programmers are our future.

    Get it at Jet for $76.49.

    8. The "daredevil skater who's secretly afraid of blood and heights" backpack.

    Before he was Tony Hawk, he was Tony Egg.

    Get it at Jet for $40.45.

    9. The "astronomy whiz who secretly writes fan letters to Neil DeGrasse Tyson" backpack.

    I just want a backpack that will remind me how insignificant I am.

    Get it at Jet for $41.96.

    10. The "stage crew kid who's secretly pretty sure their Hogwarts letter will be arriving any day now" backpack.

    A rucksack perfect for magical and non-magical adventures alike.

    Get it on Amazon in multiple colors for $41.29.

    11. The "band geek who knows secretly everything there is to know about Atlanta hip-hop" backpack.

    Even if you can't convince the director of the marching band to perform your arrangement of "Bad and Boujee," you can still have a cool backpack.

    Get it at Nordstrom for $52.50.

    12. The "shy dreamer who's secretly planning to ditch college and travel the world" backpack.

    When your head is in high school but your heart is exploring fjords.

    Get it in multiple colors at Jet for $29.89.

    13. The "high-strung valedictorian who secretly dreams of being a professional Instagrammer" backpack.

    Sometimes you're great at physics but you also love perfectly framed shots of acai bowls.

    Get it at Nordstrom in multiple colors for $80.

    14. The "artist who makes her own clothes and is not-so-secretly honestly so over high school" backpack.

    Is it a backpack? Is it a shoulder bag? Like you, this bag defies labels.

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $89.

    15. The "star of the step team who's secretly loves graphic novels" backpack.

    You have to live in the real world, but your backpack doesn't.

    Get it on Amazon in multiple colors for $23.98.

    16. The "theater kid who has seen Hamilton five times and is a secret introvert" backpack.

    Sometimes you just want to let your pack do the talking.

    Get it at ASOS for $40.

    17. The "badass-in-a-band but who only likes bands you've never heard of but secretly sings Ariana Grande in the shower" backpack.

    Perfect for those all-ages concerts that require see-through bags!

    Get it at Walmart in multiple colors starting at $7.53.

    18. The "student body president who plans to be a senator by age 31 but secretly wants to make a few bad decisions before then" backpack.

    Bad decisions, good backpacks.

    Get it at Jet in multiple colors for $88.04.

    19. The "football star with a heart of gold and a secret passion for Henry David Thoreau" backpack.

    A backpack that could take you from the football field to remote pond-side cabin without missing a beat!

    Get it at Patagonia in multiple colors for $89.

    20. The "football star with a secret passion for football (but the British kind)" backpack.

    Tough enough for football players or football fans.

    Get it at Jet in multiple colors for $74.98.

    21. The "'90s hacker who hangs out at indoor skate park arcades and is secretly just Angelina Jolie in the movie Hackers" backpack.

    Holographs are the future.

    Get it from ASOS for $49.

    Class dismissed.

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